Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two thumbs (and a sliced index finger!) up at Jaipur Curry House, TTDI

I was jolted out of my blogging inertia by two encounters this week. The first was dinner earlier in the week with two of the most industrious and charming bloggers I know, Kenny and Ciki, who put lazy recluses like me to shame with their consistent blitz of mesmerizing and engaging posts.

The second involved some degree of pain. See, last night, I had attempted to cook while under the influence (I have a ridiculous habit of fancying myself as some sort of Ramsay understudy after a bottle or thereabouts). While slicing this bitch of an onion, I unceremoniously let slip on the knife and came close to lopping off an index finger. Somewhat traumatized by the amount of bleeding and the herbal oil needed to make it stop, I decided to overcompensate today by eating, which led to the second inspiring encounter of the week - the banana leaf rice meal at Jaipur Curry House.

The deep fried fish arrived looking rather synthetically red but once we forked into its tender white flesh, we knew we were in good hands. Fresh and sprightly.
Chicken curry stew was a huge fat tick as well - packed with spice and pizzazz!

If I absolutely had to pick on something, it'd be the fried bitter gourd. I think there's a fine art to making this delightful complement to BLR a hit - while the crunch factor is essential, more so is the actual vegetable underneath the batter and if too heavy-handed on the latter, you basically end up with unidentified crunchy bulk, as was the case here. Still think the best fried bitter gourd resides at Sri Nirwana.

The BLR spread at Jaipur is good, really good. The curries and dhall effortlessly soaked the mountain of fluffy white rice dished out. The sides were generous and scrumptious. Even the rarely seen sweet potato chips made an appearance.

Spotted the chicken curry puff on the storefront and I can never resist such a solid looking package. The curry filling in this was probably several notches spicier than the standard Malay curry puffs, which tend to veer towards sweeter notes. There's a quarter of an egg within thinner pastry. At RM1 a pop, these have definitely inched its way into my curry puff hall of fame!

While I will not care to repeat the injury that preceeded the visit here (note to self: if I must absolutely cook after intoxication, at least make sure all the slicing and dicing's done before I begin drinking), I am certain Jaipur Curry House will be one place I will undoubtedly return to again and again. Service was genuinely affable too.

Jaipur Curry House
32 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad Satu
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 KL
Tel: 03-77282955


Kenny Mah said...

Oh, that sure looks like my kinda curry, filled with spice and pizazz as you put it!

And it was a glorious dinner we shared with you, your wonderful bubbliness and the Croatian's tales of to keep us occupied.

Must do again soon! :D

Sean said...

Derring-do or derring-don't? May these lips of mine never taste tequila again if i deride u for drinking n dicing, since a breathalyzer would flunk me right now. But better to have drunk n driveled than never to have drunk at all... 
Curry puffs stuffed with hardboiled eggs were a childhood fave of mine. Glad to see they still exist! 

Ciki said...

oh no! hope ur finger is better soon.
i once did that chopping raw chicken.

I thot i was fine- no pain eventhough I damn near sliced the whole finger tip off..? and then.. 10 mins later.. the throbbing PAIN!!!!

the banana leaf.. let's go!!

UnkaLeong said...

They are nice enough to let us patronize the restaurant even though we are filled with mud after my Saturday morning bike rides :D two thumbs up for the food and service!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Call me the next time you go...can can? ;)

Babe_KL said...

oh dear, hope your finger's ok now

Big Boys Oven said...

OH! hope you are ok!
Definitely a place to have my hunger fix!

superwilson said...

Nice pictures!

minchow said...

LFB, yes, it was truly awesome dinner company! The Taman Desa landscape just got wayyyy cooler! :-)

Sean, drinking & dicing! Yes, we need some kinda Ops to curb such irresponsible behaviour! Have you tried IKEA curry puffs? They also feature hard boiled eggs - a world of difference they make!

Ciki, BLR the all-encompassing answer to self-inclicted bloody injuries! My finger is fast healing, thanks to this fantastic Chinese herbal oil. Just makes my finger look tragically like Frankenstein's though...

Unkaleong, I have major beef with certain BLR joints like Kannas and Kavitha's - food awesome but service like sh*t! They need places like Jaipur to shove them off their high horses!

minchow said...

Bangsar Babe, of course!! I think one BLR fix per week is about reasonable right??

Babe KL, thanks, it is well on its way to recovery. It'll probably scar but I'm thankful it wasn't anything more serious. Lesson well learnt!!

BBO, I'm OK now thank you! Inspired me to blog again, so the accident's not completely a bad thing I guess!

Superwilson, thank you! I've however given up trying to take nicer pics to be honest... I simply do not have the eye for them!

Anonymous said...

Efforts to fight fuel!........................................................

Rebecca Saw said...

The time I went it ws nite n I wasn't impressed w d blr. Mz try again ; )
OMG..tht curry puff looks sensational! I luv curry puffs n EGGS!! Yay!