Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pints and more at Tom Dick & Harry's, TTDI

Tom Dick & Harry's has done well for itself, despite having chosen to open its doors on a competitive stretch in TTDI.

We like to come here time and again because it's a comfortable place to get your pints, the service is fast and friendly even when the heat is on. They really ought to do something about the recurring power outage though.

We didn't start trying the food menu until recent visits, when it was apparent that more and more tables were dinner as well as drinking ones.

The recommended Chicken Chop - a huge slab of deboned chicken fillet breaded and served with brown sauce. It's mystifying how many places get this wrong even though it's a difficult dish to stuff up. Fortunately, TDH's is one of the better ones tried and tested. Very good with cider.

Less stellar was the Pork Ribs Curry, which was served with poppadums and toasted bread. Perhaps this dish just isn't meant to read off a pub menu, but it just didn't do much for us beyond being a token curry dish in a Malaysian joint. The pork ribs were extremely tender admittedly but the stew was too watery and lackadaisical to warrant recommendation.

These cold ones we come back for frequently. Nuff said.

They also have what looks to be a fabulous weekend breakfast menu. Can't wait to hit it next!

Tom, Dick & Harry's
Lorong Rahim Kajai 14
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 KL
Tel: 03-7710 2122


Kenny Mah said...

I have to admit I wasn't too impressed with the exterior at first but once I had a chance to sample their wares... Very good. Their Toad in the hole is especially yummy. :)

Sean said...

the competition really is heating up on this street this year! apparently there's another pub called 'the pier' that has opened just a few doors away? haven't heard much about it yet, but hoping to check it out soon! :D

iamthewitch said...

Such cute name for a pub/restaurant! Oh my chicken chop! Haven't had a good one in ages!

Ciki said...

is it better than your OTHER fav place.. u-no-where (wink wink :P)

Unknown said...

i'm eyeing on the beer...

J said...

Yeah, that place is really becoming the yummy non halal pub food and minum central for us pj ppl! :D
(Competition is good for consumers. It = more options. YAY!)

Big Boys Oven said...

hahahha i thought you were about give a tom dick and harry storytelliing lol! :)

anyway you always awesome!

minchow said...

LFB, ooh Toad in the Hole. That'll be next on my pub grub list!

Sean, what could be the rationale for all these watering holes to congregate here? Why don't some of them choose to come nearer to MY neighbourhood, instead of cannibalising each other in the same locality?? :-P

iamthewitch, chicken chop is truly a tricky one. This one's quite good - wish the chips were of the fatter variant!

Ciki, ahhhh, that other joint remains my HQ for now... but definitely can do with more options, if you know what I mean!

minchow said...

Saucer, eyeing alone can't be that satisfying right? Go get your pint now! :-)

J, yeah I just wish more of these joints could make their way closer to my neighbourhood. Drinking & driving between TTDI & home is not my cup of tea!

BBO, wow, thank you! I feel like I need go out and drink some more now to celebrate! :-P