Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hup-Hup! Sunday Simplicity on the Double!

Hup Soon's Western food stall had been edging its way into conversations about Sunday comfort food, one that usually lasts for hours as dusk claims yet another tiring day of rest and games. The urgency to visit went up a couple of notches after reading Rebecca's post on her auspicious visit to the same coffee shop during the day.

SS3 has always been a bit of a mystery to me. Particularly at the end of a day of futility, I am even less inclined to navigate my way around old Petaling Jaya. Special thanks to driver this particular Sunday!

Hup Soon illuminated for an evening of family feasting. Note: in the evenings, all other stalls are closed, so you come here either for the standard Western fare or fill up on iced Chinese tea or something.

The menu with revised pricing. I had imagined this stall to serve Hainanese chicken chop so imagine my dismay that the dialect here was anything but Hainanese.

The driver friend goes for the Lamb Stew, which commanded attention with its huge chunks of fall of the bone lamb in potent clear brew, bursting with goodness of generous dashings of pepper and accompanying vegetables. Very satisfying.

My Mushroom Soup was a bit of a modified Campbell's disaster. If you think it looks like dishwater, wait till you have a taste.

The Mexican Chicken Chop was massive slab of deep fried (you get a choice between deep fried or grilled) chop, drenched in a blah sweet & sour sauce, a masterpiece of culinary misappropriation.

My Chicken chop with Brown Sauce fared a wee bit better but I was terribly defeated by the massive serving - got about halfway through the reasonably uhh... well-fried chop? Passed the rest to my alarmingly ravenous driver friend, who had yet another serving of the same...

...Grilled chicken chop with brown sauce. We concurred that when you're in these quarters, don't even think about going easy on the grease. Hup Soon is meant to feed the coarse yet cheerful pleasure-seeker in all of us.

Despite my initial misgivings, I foresee a few more Sundays where I will need Hup Soon's heavily simple comforts. Still no clue how I'd get there though!

Hup Soon
Jalan 3/29
SS3 Kelana Jaya
47300 Petaling Jaya


J said...

Amazing how this simple restaurant has lasted through the years... So many happy memories eating there.
(Hmmm If I remember correctly, the pricing used to be quite a lot lower though.....)

Sean said...

It's quite likely that I've never even been to ss3 (wouldn't have suspected it was in kelana jaya either; if u had told me to guess, I'd have said, errmm, near section 17?). But looking at that first photo, this outlet really could have been anywhere in this country, rite ... KL or kulim, malacca or muar... :D but yeah, prices do seem a bit steeper than expected... Wasn't it just 1998 when a chicken chop could have cost rm6? A mexican chicken chop is something I'd not heard of though ... But I bet the mexicans wouldn't wanna claim this recipe as their own =)

Kenny Mah said...

"If you think it looks like dishwater, wait till you have a taste."

ROFL. Not sure about how the food would fare with me at this place, but the wit it inspires in food bloggers is certainly make-my-day-ing. :P

minchow said...

J, so there's nostalgic value here for you KL/PJ folks right? Food just tastes better when it has that blast-from-the-past element!

Sean, that part of PJ does resemble the standard quaint Malaysian town. Only in these places can they get away with dreaming up something like the Mexican chicken chop and not worry to be contested by some hot headed Mexican nationalist! :-P

LFB, I don't suppose the food is up everyone's alley either, esp if your impressions aren't coloured by childhood memories from growing up around here. You know what, I think I'm just going to declare mushroom soup at these Western hawker places a no-go. They've failed me often enough!

Sidney Kan said...

i love such a weekend food! :)

Rebecca Saw said...

Yes yes.. typical Chinese style 'western' !! Bring on d Mayo n fries everything!

Julian Si said...

Wow, I love these el cheapo Western joints ... I need to visit!

Pity the Chicken Chop looks a wee bit blah! My fave Hainanese (which is what it is! Mexican .. BAH!) Chicken Chops are :-

1) Tanjung Malim - Yik Mun

2) SS2 - Yipee Cup

3) Dang Wangi KL - Yut Kee

Slurps ... yes, its one of my FAVOURITE dishes :-)

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I'm liking the generous portions! But I'll skip the soup...LOL. =)

minchow said...

Sidney, I can't wait for the weekend! It really seems like all good eating's only ever done on weekends!

TNG, gotta give it to them Chinese yo! When they wanna own something, they go all out to take it over! :-P

Julian, ooh thanks much for the top three list! I've definitely not tried the first two - sounds like obscure fun!

Bangsar Babe, that's wise thinking! :-)

vialentino said...

yeah...ss3 got lots of hidden food treasure....

HairyBerry said...

Indeed, there are times when i will just 2 instead of a single portion of food to cheer myself up. It's the a great morale booster, i tell ya. :) too bad abt the mexican chop though. Where are the salsa and nachos??? Haha.