Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Tasty Hall of Shame in Penang!

Just a quick one to showcase my personal Hall of Shame over the weekend in my lovely hometown Penang - after copious amount of alcohol with some lovely folks, we proceeded to do what inebriated souls do best apart from drunk-dialling/texting/tweeting and emotional outbursts... eating!!

We headed to Green House ("Cheh Chu"), perennial favourite supper stop along Burmah Road. I don't recall having been back here since C&C Music Factory was the biggest act on the charts ("Everybodddy Dance Now!")! Mei Shean, having just consumed pasta at watering hole earlier, ordered an extra-lite serving of beancurd, shrooms and pork balls from Beng Kee Bak Kut Teh. She struggled, understandably, and my barmy appetite, released inevitably by Penang, dove in to lend a helping hand.

My Hokkien Mee from the stately stall parked on the shopfront arrived with my slurred orders to add fishballs (fishballs?? I don't even LIKE fishballs) and pork ribs! Fiery, porky and powerful! I was wide awake once this bowl went down, fish balls and every last drop of the lovely broth.

Got my second wind for the night so after bidding my earlier companions goodbye, I raced over to Chulia Street to meet Jenny and Mel having a chinwag at Banana, one of the numerous backpacker joints over some beer. I didn't want to drink anymore and in my intoxicated wide-eyed restlessness, immediately eyeballed the Ramly burger stall parked outside. Rallied the other two to join me in approaching the rather stoic-looking guy working the grill and although rather full at this point, I ordered the Double Chicken Burger with Egg. This was a glorious mess, overflowing with mayo and ketchup but regret set in only after I finished every last crumb.

I paid for this binge dearly, kept up by indigestion all night! Reminder of why I had forsaken the post-drinking munchies for so long... they're deadly!!


Paranoid Android said...

No shame in indulging in fabulous food! Go Giovanni, Go! Now I know who to call for advice if I am going on a depressive binge in Penang.

Sean said...

gosh, that malicious mix of curry and grease and spices and meat would be enough to give anyone indigestion! but i gotta admit, they all look so good, i'd be hard-pressed to say which one you should have skipped!

Rebecca Saw said... abt yr food adventures n yr tweets.
Well..last trip for the yr deserves all the binging one can down!

J said...

Wah. What a munchie marathon - epic! :)
(What's life without if you don't live a little, right?)

backStreetgluttons said...

We promise no hurried washovers ...nor growling mad otherwise tender sober mid section...just the right dose of fine uplifting jazz , crisp wind , tickling miniature bites of nirvana and... our supreme presence as free as the easy curving wind

Duckie said...

hehe .. good makan. come back more often!!!

beetrice said...

i wants that burger!! *chews on hand...poor substitute*

qwazymonkey said...

You can finish all that?

Woah respect! *bow bow*

J2Kfm said...

hmm, for one, i tot the green house's lor mee+prawn mee combo went down the drain pulak.

nothing shameful lah. and still rmbr the chicken porridge rather good. and good thing is this place opens so late at night!

Unknown said...

I've eaten at Green House too when we were at Penang (after some whisky at the Pier place but was quite sober still!). Yet to blog abt it as I had so much we ate that everything became a blur.

minchow said...

PA, yes!! When you heading north, who ya gonna call?? Diet buster! :-D

Sean, I think I should've skipped the burger. But it was sooo good! I maintain my conviction that there's some unidentified hallucinogenic substance in Ramly patties!

TNG, I KNEW you'd understand! And approve whole heartedly! :-P

J, yes but come 4AM and I'm curled up in a foetal position lamenting my indulgence, not so fun lor. But hell yeah, come the next day, I'd be ready to do it all over again!

BSG, the way you put it, there's no other way BUT to overindulge. Poetic licence to EAT UP!

Duckie, yes I should be making more trips back early next year when my sisters return from overseas for the family reunion. Until then, I shall have to contend with a memorable eating weekend all the way to 2010! :-(

minchow said...

Beetrice, oh dear, I hope you eventually managed to head out to one of those fantastic eating joints around your office to feed that craving! :-S

Qwazymonkey, do not doubt the appetite fuelled by alcohol! It takes me places and boundaries I daren't imagine!

J2Kfm, actually there are lots of other respectable supper joints in Penang but difficult to recall once drunk... and this is on the way home! Lor Mee + Hokkien mee is longkang standard? OK will avoid at all cost!

Khang Yi, haha, I suspect that my state of disarray played a huge role in my positive take on the food. I would probably need to eat them all over again sober to fairly judge!

HairyBerry said...

ohhh, Green House! the prawn mee's good, especially with lotsa lard. i was there a few months back. yes, after getting drunk and all at that ship-club kinda thing. elizabeth II? cant remember...hey, i think they played c&c music factory there too! hahaha.

GlassCube said...

penang does really bring out the worst in us. every time i go back i feel that i am immune to the negative effects of the glorious food. of course being in the company of like-minded individuals doesn't help. but what the heck, u can't put on weight over a weekend of binging. might as well enjoy it!

Big Boys Oven said...

wow you are so lucky :)

iamthewitch said...

I ate the Hokkien mee in Green House before. Not that bad, if my mind doesn't fail me. :) And the Ramlee burger looks so much more appetizing! Haha