Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wah Cheong, Section 17

Previous night at the first Twestival KL, while a whole lotta fun, had taken its toll on the morning after. Needed sustenance urgently immediately after rolling out of bed and headed over to Wah Cheong at Section 17. The morning wet market mob was not easy on worn and wearied temperaments but we managed to find a park.

I had zoomed in on the Pan Mee, on account of having read about it at the very fantastic EatingAsia. It did not disappoint. The noodles were of remarkable consistency and texture and made me reconsider my persistent "pinched" noodle preference.

We had also spied the Hakka Mee stall facing the street, and I simply had to have it. The auntie operating alone took some time understandably to keep up with the healthy flow of orders but when it finally got here...

...behold! The delicate flavour of Hakka Mee is difficult to get right but this stall delivered a more than decent version. The main ingredients are lard, vinegar, white pepper and ummm... more lard, I think. The serving was just right too, perfect size for those who are looking to sample more than one type of breakfast noodles.

The infamous Florence's Nyonya goodies stall, which I had recalled from UGWUG's post was briskly selling out so I secured myself a Curry Puff to keep things interesting while waiting for the next order. The pastry was light, fresh and crunchy and the filling offered a hefty curry chicken & potato paste.

On my way back, I managed to chance the back of cool t-shirt potential. Clothes do not make the man, yes, but cool t-shirts certainly make a statement about the wearer and weed out real eye candies!

The final breakfast noodle dish finally arrived, after patiently waiting in line behind the stall's frenetic traffic of orders. And it is this rather spectacular Wantan Mee topped with decorous slices of charsiew.

The allure of this order lied in the lithe and supple egg noodles as well as the smoky perfume from the char siew juices, mixed in with soy & oyster sauces. Scent-sational!

The wantans, served separately, were not the usual drippy bambino variations either - these packed flavour and dumpling pride.

Wah Cheong had a few more tricks up its sleeves that we couldn't possibly stomach in one sitting so a return visit was guaranteed. We wiped our greasy lips, slapped our protruding guts and staggered out to nurse the fresh hangover from noodle comfort and bask in the rest of the Sunday sunshine underneath ruminating clouds.


Sean said...

hey, you should add this note to that pic: "if anyone recognises this guy, please direct him to this blog and ask him to contact me!"
speaking from experience though, i'm wary of men who are fans of bands with unintelligible lyrics!
food looks good. wonder whether all the noodles are available till late, since i never eat brekkie before noon

Kenny Mah said...

1. I just had pan mee for dinner and it was forgettable, very much so. Wish I had this instead. (But I believe the restaurant converts into a dai chow place at night, ya?)

2. I love Sigur Ros! :D

Kenny Mah said...

3. Hahaha, just read Sean's comment. Ooh, am I one of those guys one has to be wary of? Teehee.

worldwindows said...

I can noodles the whole day. Rice is boring.

Anonymous said...

i think i've eaten here before, some nasi kerabu or something
vaguely remembers ... or maybe another shop in Sect 17.

gill gill said...

ooo, the pan mee and wantan noodle look lovely! i miss pan meeeee so much!

HairyBerry said...

pan/wantan mee and sigur ros in a morning wet market setting. so cool, i tell ya. reminds me of the time when i listened to mercury rev while munching keropok udang. tee-hee.

UnkaLeong said...

Hahah was about to say the place converts to a pretty decent Dai Chow place at night. Looks like Kenny beat me to it :)

Ciki said...

what does that tshirt say? figure ribs? wot is dat?


ck lam said...

Just love those smoky charred charsiew....wish can find more of this version in penang.

Pureglutton said...

I'm getting so hungry looking at that pan mee and hakka mee and wantan mee... haiyah! Not a good idea to come here when lunchtime is still an hour away!

Big Boys Oven said...

hahaha this is one of my favourite place to be during my morning marketing! lol! food here is good!

backStreetGluttons said...

This area must be the black hole of PJ for altho we have passed by numerous times ( looking 4 something else )we cannot imagine there lie those sparkling shining glistening elixirs 550 swoon for. Now we have to dream harder

minchow said...

HAHAHA!! Good idea! But c'mon the music's awesome, you gotta admit! The pan mee sells out by about noon, but you might have a shot at the many other stalls which are equally great!

LFB, I've wondered about this.. pan mee while amazing, doesn't translate well as dinner, not sure why! Oooh btw, Tmn Desa has a pretty decent pan mee daytime stall! ;-)

Worldwindows, agree!! I could prob do rice once a week, and happy to source carbs fr noodles the rest of the time!

J2Kfm, the market square is teeming with good eats! I used to live here years ago, and didn't think about returning until now, and deal with what I've missed!

Gill Gill, eh but I hear there's some legendary pan mee action happening now in Penang, in Bkt Jambul? Also, read on some other blog about that shop in Weld Quay, near Ghee Seng?

Nic, Mercury Rev + keropok udang sounds pretty awesome! We should start a trending topic - the best of local eats spliced with great music! Elevates the eating experience for sure!

Unka, yes, we spied the workers getting busy prepping ingredients for the daichow at 11AM! They must take prep very seriously... says only one thing - must TRY!

minchow said...

Ciki, ooh... figure ribs sound like a mystifying porky dish waiting to be discovered!

CK Lam, I am sure you can find equally tasty charsiew in Pg!! I await to read your blog post about it soon! :-P

Pure Glutton, foodblog trawling at this hour is very very painful!! Hunger usually strikes right about 10.30AM for me, and I want to eat my screen most of the time!

BBO, ooh you market here? I was just saying to my friend that these folks who live in the area are so fortunate! All that fresh produce and good hawker fare nearby!

BSG, you guys are looking too hard for food hidden in backstreets and ignoring the well trodden paths of PJ suburbanites! :-P

Christine said...

Hey, the dai chow here is pretty good ...I ate Hokkien Mee here and I liked it!. That was at night though. Did not know that they have other stuff in the day time. It is too far from my office to come sample food during office hours ... perhaps I'll come visit during the weekends.

allie said...

oh..I love pan mee so much. I used to stayed at Sek 17, but didn't realise about this shop.

Selba said...

the wantan mee looks so delicious!

Rebecca Saw said...

Seems tht I might be paying this place a visit sometime this Raya hols1

minchow said...

Christine, oh yeah, definitely not a weekday lunchtime location for me either. Only on wkends!

Allie, I used to live here too! But didn't have a clue about this place either. The naivete of yesteryears!

Selba, it was absolutely delightful!

TNG, tak balik kampung this weekend? Me neither :-(

xin said...

i have eaten at tht hawker couple of times, i love the wantan mee there!