Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nasi at Belanga, The Gardens

Sometimes giving up on Mid Valley's lunch offerings is just not an option. How else are we supposed to get through the working day, on days when Kanpei just won't do?

Some hungry folks walk over to Gardens LG floor, where a few unexplored options await us. Belanga has gone untried and untested for far too long and when the body's calling for carbs, there's no other way to go but the world's arguably most important staple, rice!

Radiance's Nasi Kerabu is the surefire win order of the day. Ulam galore, peanutty sauce that's a tad too salty but nevertheless gratifying and a rockin' piece of ayam percik doused in another creamy peanutty sauce. We are nuts for peanuts!

Both ML and I go for the Nasi Dagang Ayam which is a visibly more modest form of sustenance. Still a score! I'd gone for breast meat and it was thankfully not the usual stringy variety, so I didn't crucify myself too much for not having ordered the Nasi Kerabu instead.

Avocado juice - "like drinking whole mashed avocados," says ML.

Belanga was definitely fuel, but not necessarily to function back in the office. I couldn't help but feel like crawling under my table for a snooze in the afternoon. I would stay far, far away from this if I intend to do any work after!


J said...

Oh my goodness... the avocado drink sounds heavy! - like an entire meal in a cup... :)

worldwindows said...

Avocado ala Indonesian style. My favourite!

ai wei said...

avocado drink?! a rich one for sure. but love to have a try!!!

Sean said...

call me nuts, but i always forget which is nasi kerabu and which is nasi dagang. if you can think of a foolproof way to remember, i'd be grateful for the rest of my life!

Ciki said...

wow, eat so much summore drink avocado juice.. that's like cumi and his bubble tea. haha! respect;)

beetrice said...

oooh that reminds me of the frozen avocado treats my grandma used to make for me... :D

eh, next time I drop by we go k??

Paranoid Android said...

Something about heavy spicy food for lunch that makes me Zzzzzz... More potent than alcoholic cocktails!

Being from Terengganu, it's almost sacrilege to have Nasi Dagang Ayam! But I think I should give it a try.

~Christine~Leng said...

refraining myself from supper after reading your posts ;P
the avocado drink is surely a healthy one :)

minchow said...

J, Worldwindows and Ai Wei, I feel drowsy just looking at it! :-P

Sean, I'm not so hot at distinguishing them two myself but I try to remember kerabu as basically the serving with the more veg between the two??

Ciki, the green of the avocado juice not as vivid or frightening as the blue bubble tea though!!

Beetrice, cannnn!! What sort of treats did yr grandma used to make? Care to make us some when you drop by next? ;-)

Paranoid Android, for me it's the carbs... after such a meal, I'm as good as a slug for the rest of the day!

Christine Leng, haha, many was to describe the avocado juice but I'm not sure if Healthy is one of them!

Rebecca Saw said...

luv 'em avocados but yeap..they can be darn filling! worse than bana na leaf rice aitelyu!