Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Relief at Bulldog Pub, Hartamas

I've always enjoyed Sunday as a day designed purely for the pursuit of recovery of the body, soul and mind. After a highly eventful Friday and Saturday, I was looking forward to some reprieve come lunchtime Sunday, when we made our way to enjoy what the Bulldog pub in Hartamas would offer.

We started with a pint each - Strongbow cider and good ol' Tiger.

We waited for a while for our food, approximately half an hour, even though the tables were barely filling up the whole time we were there.

I ordered the Roast Pork, because I'd been stealthily eating healthy all week and I'm quite frankly, sick of it! It arrived an arrangement of pork slices, apple compote, with roast spuds and buttered vegetables (even though I had specifically requested for that to be replaced with fresh vegetables). They served the brown onion sauce on the side, which was appreciated - you decide how heavily and at what pace you want to douse the meat. I didn't send back the buttered vegies either because I was quite ravenous at that point.

While the pork was well roasted, it didn't pack a whole lot of flavour beyond the gamey pork, and I felt it was too tough to warrant much praise. The apple compote nicely accompanied the pork slices, but the brown sauce was a tad too salty.

He went with the Toad in the Hole, which I'd remembered from Bangsar-Babe. He was happy with it, particulary with the Yorkshire pudding crust in a savoury context. The pork sausages were again too salty which betrayed its store-bought origin.

Personally, I loved the glorious mess of the salty sausages drenched in the brown onion sauce, accompanied with the soggy pudding pastry. What's not to like??

The kitchen does need to work faster as I can't imagine how they could deal with the pace when the heat is on. The meal at Bulldog sent me into sluggish mode for the rest of Sunday, but if that's not what recovery is about, then I don't know what is!


Yin said...

Ah...the food is great here...but I don't like the fights/drunken patrons :P

And yes, I remember somewhere on their menu they do warn you that it'll take time to get your servings... ;)

Rebecca Saw said...

Overall stil Sid's better...?

Sean said...

ouhhhh ... this entry looks especially enticing cos i haven't had any pork since thurs nite.
i sometimes think bulldog is gonna outlive me. seriously. =)

backStreetGluttons said...

Life is strange , when you think you are healthy you are not ! So lets eat and drink everyday and be sickly merry ! unhalal unhealthy high cholesterol pork and body killing tummy bloating beer we shall do ...even at the Bull Dog ( can bite harder or not ?)

Wilson Ng said...

sausage+beer= awesome dinner

worldwindows said...

Western food esp with a full dose gets me into hibernation mode. Roast pork ... westernised with some sauses?

HairyBerry said...

ya know, i've been here a few times but i've not tried their food before. it's always guinness for me. and we would hop over to karma for more drinks. i think i shd somehow give the food a try. afterall, it's not good to drink with an empty stomach. :)

Big Boys Oven said...

the food sure looks tempting! lol!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

My boss said their big breakfast is pretty good, but then again, he tends to be biased. He actually said their BLT is "the best BLT in the universe".

When I ate it, it was so average, damn potong steam!! =P Nachos were good though...but a bit much for two.

Unknown said...

Most of the sausages sold on the restaurant are a bit too salty. ^-^

minchow said...

Yin, long time no see!! :-D You mean I missed fights and drunken patrons?? That would be the main entertainment highlight of any pub!

TNG, yeah despite my persistent belief that I shouldn't be spending half my monthly salary at Sid's, I have to say, this isn't really in Sid's league.

Sean, it has been around for yonks, hasn't it? Am pretty sure it's older than me now!

BSG, wahhh, do you have to spell out the unhealthy accusation so clearly??! I was kinda starting to forget the damage from that Sunday! :-P

Rachel, actually it was a late lunch, but I agree, it would be equally good for dinner!

Worldwindows, this was definitely Western - not the best I've had, but served its purpose for a lazy Sunday porkfest!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

its darn long, that wait for food..

remember waiting for an hour the first and only time i went there..for a BURGEr!!

did they had to drive out i wonder..

minchow said...

Nic, that is one of the most understated pearl of wisdom - never drink on an empty stomach or else yr evening will be cut short! :-)

BBO, it was OK but have had better! Sid's or Finnegan's!

Bangsar Babe, oh I should've done the Big Breakfast then! Reminds me, been a while since I've downed a super fry-up... mushrooms and bacon and hash brown...YUMMMMMMM

Food Paradise, this one was ESPECIALLY salty! But goes well with beer! :-P

Joe, it was baffling to us too... coz barely any of the other tables were having food. And from the taste of the roast pork, it certainly wasn't made to order!

sc said...

somewhere that i've been meaning to try for the longest time, but have yet to :p heard of it's notorious waiting time, many of my frens warned me about it eons ago..

Steven Goh said...

never tried the kind of beer before... bulldog pub, the name is very unique too. The pub is so porkggy leh, is that a German pub?

Vivien said...

toad in a hole sounds delicious