Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vietnam Kitchen, 1-U

We arrived at 1-U famished, having decided to skip brekkie and head straight to apartment-viewing in yet another half-hearted attempt to step up Operation Stop Paying Rent NOW!

Most of the F&B outlets we were eyeing were not yet open at a little past 11AM so we made do with Vietnam Kitchen in the new wing. Admittedly, we could've waited and saved ourselves the disappointment.

The Prawn & Mango roll arrived scorching, but proved to be the win order of the day. The combination of generous slices of ripe mango and fresh plump crunchy prawns wrapped in thin pastry studded with roasted sesame seeds is pretty hard to get wrong.

Both of us decided to go for individual dry vermicelli options, thinking it will stave off hunger pangs while we shopped and make way for more late-afternoon delights later.

Spring rolls & sliced chicken on vermicelli came with a light fish sauce dressing. Apart from the abundance of fresh greens within, which is always welcome, this was bloody boring.

Same deal with his Curry Chicken on vermicelli. Very ordinary chicken curry on top of the same, felt a bit like fast food that one would whip up with leftovers. Forgettable.

To be fair, I think we did ourselves and the restaurant a disfavour for not going for the more interesting offerings like the Pork trotters, seafood specials or even the French inspired Vietnamnese dishes they had on offer. The vermicelli dishes here drew a blank, and I wouldn't be in a hurry to go back for those anytime soon.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha too healthy for u isit??

Sean said...

i always draw a blank about where to eat at 1U. preferably just drive out and head somewhere else :D

beetrice said...

i actually happen to like VK for its 6 treasures drink, vietnamese pho and seafood salad..never tried the dishes you had, but the prawn and mango roll looks worth a try.. :D

Paranoid Android said...

Hmmm... Always imagined Vietnamese food as grilled, boiled + soups and salads with lots of greens and basil. The prawn and mango thingy looks to die for. Have yet to make a foodie expedition to PJ.

I think the time is right for a change in dining scene!

Big Boys Oven said...

Looks like I have to take a U-turn! :)

backStreetGluttons said...

Vietnamese authentic cuisine , while subtle and light ... by and large we believe pales in comparison to the xquisite delights of the traditional ladies , which obviously are incompatible with many

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I don't know if I ca really enjoy Vietnamese food. I find the food too "light". =P