Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Madam Momo

Hui had attended a Tibetan cooking class while in Dharamsala and one fine evening, she was to present to us a Momo dinner at her place. Momo, I duly learned, is Tibetan for dumplings, and is extremely popular in India and Nepal.

I had barely recovered from an evening of unrestrained hijinks with people from work so I was hellbent on taking it easy. This was somehow interpreted as a need for a tall tumbler of G&T upon arrival, courtesy of resident cocktailmeister Riz. Despite the remnants of too much wine & cider, this was terribly refreshing and put me right at ease.

Momo country... Madam Momo Hui cautioned that she had been a little heavy-handed with the dough's liquid to flour ratio, resulting in a somewhat stickier skin, causing some of the momos to tear in the process. They looked good all the same, just out from the steamer and I was eager to pounce.

First up, Momo with Spinach filling. Hui had thoughtfully left out the cheese in the standard filling, on account of my selective dairy resistance. It was moist despite the gooey absence, and when dipped into a DIY dipping of soy & ginger, very lovely.

Second Momo held the crunchy filling of cabbage, carrot & mushrooms. Redeemed an entire week of bad junk eating, it felt.

The surprise hit was the accompanying humble-looking brown rice with chopped vegetables and a sprinkling of chopped anchovies for taste. I loved this! The anchovies were a superb touch. I was amazed at the versatility of her Tefal steamer and immediately added it to my ever-growing list of must-have kitchen appliances.

Steamed fresh greens to keep the G&T in perspective... eating healthy is reward supreme!

And to finish, Chocolate Momos! I'd been sceptical about this, to be honest, but the filling of cocoa powder, sugar and sesame seeds floored me. Like mochi, but sturdier and more rugged, a reflection perhaps of the resilience needed to face the heart-wrenching plight of the Tibetans.

I also got this nifty book holder, perfect for keeping paperback dog ears in check.

More gifts - Himalayan rock salt, Yema (Japanese pepper) and a pretty stone from the Ganges.

The icing of souvenirs however, would have to be THIS - PartySmart pills! Herbal pills to pop in advance should you decide you're going to go overboard and not want to suffer the ill-effects of excessive drinking the morning after. I have yet to research or trial this "Safe and Effective" claim, but in any case, I am tickled that the inclination of human nature to overindulge despite knowing better has produced a niche market for such a product. Raises the question of how and when we stop at quick-fixes and study the need to instead, effect real and let's face it, more difficult, behaviourial changes.

In any case, the Momo meal was a beaut, and Hui's photo slideshow of India were charming and disarming all at the same time. Thank you Hui!


Kenny Mah said...

I want me some Momo's too! :D

P.S. We have a friend who's lactose-intolerant too, but we playfully try to "poison" you too! Hehe.

allie said...

Momo! I named my pet with that name too. :D

Big Boys Oven said...

this is interesting! just a perfect way to treat my guest! mine to teach me too! :)

Wilson Ng said...

i want momo's also!

Sean said...

those pills are a godsend! but i wonder where to find them. am gonna ignore your philosophical musings for now, even though my conscience knows they're very pertinent indeed! :D

Paranoid Android said...

Chocolate Momo with sesame. Now that's wicked! I can imagine how good it must have tasted.

Rebecca Saw said...

Lovely! I got a tefal steamer too! ermm...gathering cobwebs currently ;p
How abt u dig ya fren for tht carbo-licious rice recipe and i try whippin up some and send over to MV? ;p

minchow said...

LFB, my lactose-intolerance is purely imaginary though! I do ice cream but don't do cheese fillings. Go figure! :-P

Allie, Momo the Cat or Momo the Parakeet?

BBO, I think I should get Hui to give lessons - this is almost an ultimate survival skill, like First Aid and how to light a fire without matchsticks!

Wilson, they are serving some at Kechara Jaya One, if you absolutely must have some! Expensive though! :-S

Sean, I'm doing some deep-seated thinking! I've gone two days without alcohol! Two WHOLE days! W00t!

Paranoid Android, oh I could have the filling all on its own. Or on top of ice cream. Or in a sandwich perhaps...

The Nomad Gourmand, DEAL! I get the recipe, you get your steamer started!! I'm going to hold you to your words!! :-D

HairyBerry said...

chocomomo??? with sesame seeds somemore. WOW! now that's a thought. someone shd patent that before it rules the world!

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