Friday, May 8, 2009

Face to Face, Damansara Perdana

Weekend house-hunt continues, AM to PM: Getting really weary that the hours of the much too precious weekends pored into this aren't bearing any fruit. I may be veering down the path of making do with whatever's available because I want to wrap this long drawn out exercise soon.

Invariably, another Pan Mee craving is invoked. We head to Face to Face in Damansara Perdana, after yet another futile viewing in the neighbourhood.

Vicky is a happy clam when she sees Fu Chuk fritters at merely RM1.80 and orders it in a jiffy. It comes with a watery but complementary curry dipping.

Kampung wine chicken mee suah which turned out to be skinny pan mee in a clear soup. Nothing to shout about, as the texture of the noodles was all wrong to begin with.

My house Specialty Spicy Pan Mee. I am disappointed that they can only do the dry version with Thin or Thick pan mee, not "Pinch" which is my top pick of the three. It arrives to the table plain like this, but there's plenty of chilli in a huge jar on the table for you to help yourself.

I go crazy, naturally. Bring on the dripping nose!

The Ribena with Longan drink relieves the heat from the pan mee, although I find the Fanta grape colouring suspect.

We also share a bowl of dumplings, which came in a very hearty serving of six pieces with plenty of greens. We struggled a little with this towards the end but all props to the plump meat & shrimp filling.

Face to Face's decent prices and hearty meals (about RM30 for two) explain the crowds that build up during meal times, and its firm position as a neighbourhood favourite.


J2Kfm said...

they do have quite a number of outlets dont they?

looks commercialized, so din choose to try.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I tried the one in Damansara Utama, but I like the Super Kithen Pan Mee better...

thenomadGourmand said...

agree w Bangsar-babe!
I didnt like face-to-face at all.
too salty to begin with.. ;p

allie said...

I lurve and luv pan mee, but there's no good pan mee in Penang. *sob*
Whenever I go kl, I'll ask my friend to bring me eat pan mee!

Sugar Bean said...

I've tried Face to Face in Subang and Kuchai, it's good. Love their house specialty and their chilli! Seems like they've added new stuff to their menu.

We've added you to our links. Do you mind adding us? :) Thanks.

backStreetGluttons said...

Getting a house,once you think that it is only a temporary measure, will make your choice much easier. Go for popular areas (even more expensive) as the resale value is assured ! Nothing on earth is permanent, so as we also a;ways say there is no such thing as the best pan mee ) or for that matter ( de best man), anywhere !

Unknown said...

Heard lots of good pan mee...... in KL

minchow said...

J2Kfm, I only know of this outlet, and yeah, unless I'm strapped in the neighbourhood, probably wouldn't make a special trip here for this.

Bangsar Babe and Nomad Gourmand, purely a neighbourhood inclination methinks. The crowds seem OK settling for this rather than taking that short drive to Kota Damansara for Super Kitchen :-P

Allie, I think I came across a recommendation from CK Lam before on good Pan Mee in Penang. Otherwise, there's also a stall in that Pulau Tikus kopitiam on the same row as Bellisa Row, opposite Poly?

Sugar Bean, thanks for adding! Will visit your blog after this! :-D

BSG, thanks for the tip! Haha, can always depend on you for sagely advice - food is after all, life and love, right!

Food Paradise, yes Pan Mee is definitely one dish that KL trumps Penang... so many good ones!

Precious Pea said...

Aiyerr...i so wanna have a bowl of pan mee and the sui kow as the side dish NOW.

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