Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back to Basics at Sid's Pub Bangsar

Reently learned that Sid's opened up another outlet in Bangsar South, much nearer to my workplace and home than the original outlet at TTDI so off we went to check it out one lazy, HOT Sunday afternoon. It'd been a while since I last ventured to the Pantai area and I was surprised to see how the Village (essentially UOA's Bangsar South showhouse) was already nicely inhabited by an Old Town, a Secret Recipe, a 7-11 and Sid's. All the basics to convince you this is going to be prime real estate! Investors, get your cheque books out!

The cool tranquil pub interior offers refuge from the blazing mid-May Malaysian sun. Entrez s'il vous plaît!!

Signature Sid's dark wooden furniture, paraphernalia-adorned walls, one very well-stocked bar. In addition to its proximity to home, this outlet has the advantage of more room, both indoors and out...

...and Strongbow Cider! Much preferred to Blackthorn's served at TTDI's. We have the pub all to ourselves for a delightful couple of hours.

On another visit on an uneventful Friday evening saw a more decent crowd, chugging back them pints. The very decent pub grub at Sid's did not fail us that evening.

Mel's Pork burger. Very meaty tasty patty, the plate flowing with fries. Despite the fact that this filled her up plenty, Mel thought the patty wasn't all that generous - "you just cannot compare this with Ramly's!"she wisely observed.

At this point, unexpected company burst through the door and joined us, lending further hilarity and stomach space for food sampling. Thank you for the pre-birthday surprise, folks!

Eevon's Bacon Butty - I should've snapped a pic of the last few mouthful of her sandwich, which looked like it held about 2 inches thick of bacon.

Vicky has mash and lamb sausages with baked beans. Mash tasted powdery, she proclaimed and left it pretty much untouched.

The pièce de résistance of the evening was the Nevis Burger - basically double-patty and all the add-ons you can handle. When this arrived, the whole table watched entranced as the glistening leaden fat dripped from the top of the grease tower languidly to form a mounting pool of sin at the base of the burger.


He collects it, he opens up his mouth wide, he brings it in and he scores! The evening's unquestionable hero for throwing frivolous table decorum out the window as he wiped his plate clean. For what are birthdays if not the most elementary reminders of our individual mortality in the larger scheme of things and the futility of denying ourselves enjoyment while we can?

And on that note, will be back, again and again!


Sean said...

must have that nevis burger! hope the location is easy to find ... not familiar with the pantai area at all...

Rebecca Saw said...

oh yes...sids still knows how to dish out some gd grubs!

Julian Si said...

Nevis ... Like Ben Nevis? Slurrrrp!

worldwindows said...

Always like porky stuff for food but thwarted many times by non-cooperative participant/s at home. Sigh, hard to get these near home.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

thankfully it wasnt at hot as the wkday nite we went in was packed with sardines n no feel of aircon! guiness bcame warm very very very fast...

allie said...

Nevis burger! the juicy patty is killing me! omg~~~

Little Inbox said...

Nevis Burger must be the best. It looks so tempting.

J2Kfm said...

again and again and again .... :)
this is the dog-friendly pub right? read bout that somewhere. to imagine my Retriever setting sight on all those caloric goodness!!

Life for Beginners said...

That cider looks pretty damn refreshing right about now... :)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Oh yay...just along the fed hiway...perfect for a halfway stop for me. :-D How's parking there ar?

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I want that nevis burger! Bangsar South...near Pantai Hillpark right? =)

vincent said...


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Ciki said...


backStreetGluttons said...

What a nice easy going place for a casual relaxing chit chat !

HairyBerry said...

Nevis Burger! the thought of breaking the runny yolk and the taste of the patties are enough to cause salivation to the max. pass me the beer, fast! good stuff, here!

Babe_KL said...

gosh finally it's nearer home!!!! YAY!

minchow said...

Merely a turn off Fed Hwy near Mid Valley. Ya can't miss it!

The Nomad Gourmand, yes they do, and so heartening to know it's just as good in their new outlet!

Julian Si, ooh hey I didn't think of that! A mountainous interpretation indeed!

Worldwindows, there are SOME non pork stuff on the menu too. Maybe you can take a drive from the neighbourhood and sample them!

Joe, the TTDI outlet's atmosphere is hard to beat though. If you're up for that rah-rah-glug-glug sorta thing! ;-D

Allie, Little Inbox, now I can't stop looking at it and wondering if I should head on over for one!

J2Kfm, yep, this is one of the few pet-friendly pubs around. Your Retriever will love you all the more for letting it in the vicinity of this!

LFB, you're back!! Saw you creeping up on the ol blogroll so nonchalantly. I'll bet you're missing the pints now from the UK!

LL, parking still manageable now since it's just construction surrounds. Some friends have concerns about parking on the roadside though due to the heavy construction machinery passing by, so they opt for the decent underground parking here.

minchow said...

Bangsar Babe, yep, the same turnoff the Fed as Hillpark, hit the first traffic lights and turn right. So simple for such a slice of gastronoma!

Vincent, hey thanks for dropping by! Will be visiting you soon enough!

Ciki, yes you've chosen that one word to put this all into perspective.

BSG, relaxing it still is. Hurry, don't know for how much longer before word catches on and we're back to TTDI outlet's infamous queue for standing room.

Nic, runny yolk united! It's a right mess so don't wear your best Sunday suit when attempting this!

Babe KL, for you too? I can't describe how happy I am to not have to pay Kerinchi & LDP toll to get to a real pub!

gill gill said...

wow...look at the nevis burger, marvelous!