Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rasta Food Court, TTDI

Rasta's new location next to the Penchala link is definitely an improvement from the tight squeeze next to the Mobil station at TTDI.
The rainy spell's really freshened up the dreadry weather all around, so Rasta's very airy, extremely open concept was perfect to enjoy some fancy-free, food-court grub in cool, KL evening breeze and parade our flip flops and faded post-office appearances. The setting imparted a strange sense of pliable well-being, enough for me to be persuaded to overlook my disdain of Jason Mraz's Malaysian format radio casualty and agree to go to his concert in March. I hope I know what I'm doing!!

Waffles with ice-cream arrived first - impressive amount of ice cream on lovely waffles, not at all like the stuff they make outside hypermarkets.

Yoda's Bihun Sup - Yoda wasn't ill but his meal suggested otherwise. Very generous vegie quota though, which seems to be an aversion by hawkers everywhere.

An order of Nasi Goreng USA came drowned in gravy of the accompanying beef slices, rendering its consistency porridge-like 1/3 into the meal. The dish owner proclaimed this good though, licking the entire plate clean.

From the famed Azim's Burger Shack, I ordered the Grilled chicken burger. For RM7, it isn't your standard mat burger pricing, but this was real tender, superbly marinated chicken tenderloin, not patty, served with healthy dosage of lettuce and tomato. Knowing their tendency to go crazy with sauces, I asked for less mayo and the result was beautiful. Could've done with a slightly larger bun though!

The requisite Koay Teow goreng made an appearance on the table. Apparently, this was only so-so, with no more than one lonely shrimp gracing the plate.

Rasta is extremely reasonable and there are plenty of halal menus to choose from, including dimsum, kampung curries and even shisha. We paid RM40 for 5 of us, including drinks. Like that there's the tacit trust factor in place, in the form of the eat-first-then-pay self service counter.


Food Paradise said...

grilled chicken burger seems nice. lol

J2Kfm said...

yeah this. stil rmbr BEFORE i started blogging, some bloggers raved bout Azim burgers, got so many gourmet varieties, it's dizzying ...

I completely forget bout this place, thanks for reminder.

Jason Mraz's concert? I'M YOURS ...

worldwindows said...

Ue to like their coffeeshops and mamak food there. And lately went to ecogreen. Beyond that zilch. Thanks.

Tummythoz said...

Azim Burger. TQ for the reminder.

Ciki said...

7 bucks is expensive for a burger wor.. esp at a foodcourt..

Anonymous said...

Ooh I love waffles with very GENEROUS dollops of ice-cream and chocolate syrup! Sinful, I know, but okay for a treat once in awhile, right? ;)

backStreetGluttons said...

name sounds so familiar with a friends service centre in PJ !

another pretty decent fresh discovery ?

minchow said...

Food Paradise, definitely a step up from McDs and mat burger, but not quite gourmet pricing either.

J2Kfm, yes amazing variety, the menu alone gets me very excited! I am having second thoughts about Jason Mraz again...

Worldwindows, I really dig TTDI... I want to own property in the area!

Tummythoz, my pleasure!

Ciki, yeah not that cheap, and you may not be able to tell from the pic but the burger was quite small, snack-sized almost.

LFB, sinful all the way! Some days, or most, there is no point holding back!

BSG, service centre? Serving food?!

Rebecca Saw said...

RM7 still a steal frm McD and Carls Jr! I believe it taste just as gd?

Selba said...

Ice cream came first? Woohooo.. that's a good start :D

email2me said...

You should order the extra mushroom sauce to go along with your burger. It taste superb!

Do try out their stingray Asam Pedas. It is good.

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