Saturday, December 6, 2008

Breakfast at Petaling Street Wet Market & 7 Random Things

I am working my way through the KL cliches, the undisputed champs and gems around town, and last weekend, with my visiting lovely folks in tow, I managed to tick off one of them - breakfast at the Petaling Street wet market.
Madras Lane chee cheong fun stall, featuring an efficient production line of chee cheong fun.
Now this has been touted as one of the best in KL but frankly, I didn't quite get it. The CCF was cold to begin with, which isn't the way I like my breakfast. The simplicity of the two mingling sauces worked fine, as did the slippery smoothness of the rice noodles, but I would have liked it at least lukewarm.

Curry noodles, the cockles were practically still breathing! Too bad none of us were fans of raw cockles, as I imagine this would've really made the day for one. The curry was thick and nutty, and I liked the fact that the curry came with plenty of long beans and slices of brinjals, upping the veggie content from just the customary toss of beansprouts.

The star of the show at the area has got to be the Yong Tow Foo stall. The stall was completely inundated by patrons, who were jostling and pushing for the attention of the lady boss, a shrewd looking, sharp-mouthed woman presiding over yet another impressive production line responding swiftly to the mounting orders. I'm not a fan of yong tow foo to begin with so the fact that I found the stuffed brinjal palatable when dunked in the chilli and bean sauces goes to explain the queue - they have the goods!
On a separate note, I have been tagged by What2see and Food Paradise! Thanks for thinking of me, CK Lam and Regina!

7 Random Things about me:
  1. I'm a notorious movie/tv show bootlegger, having severed ties with Astro after a very acrimonious relationship. I enjoy foreign flicks (with correct subtitles, of course) but also find great amusement in pirated DVDs with extremely inaccurate subtitles. Case in point: Memoirs of a Geisha (hideous movie, but this is not the forum for that), you badly needed the subtitles to understand what the hell anyone's saying, but when "Mr. Chairman" becomes "Mr. Charming" and "Mr. German", the movie suddenly comes alive and becomes heaps more fun!
  2. I can't stand milk, but I love ice cream. I don't touch cheese on its own, don't mind it on pizza, but not in my pasta or anything else. So my stand on dairy is... inconclusive.
  3. I am a great reverse parker.
  4. I am a great fan of hats. I have great joy in shopping for hats, purchasing one and watching them wrapped up nicely in a hat box! I wish we had more agreeable weather in Malaysia for hats.
  5. I play Scrabble online. I was devastated when they removed Scrabulous from Facebook, and now I make do with Scrabble worldwide (excluding US and Canada).
  6. I read gossip blogs. There, I wrote it, posted it!! Gah! I shall so regret this. Please don't judge me.
  7. I have given up on the gym after having wasted good $$ on year-long commitment membership and numerous battles of conscience. However, a functional alternative towards the pursuit of health and fitness remains to be seen.

And that is all! I shall now tag the following:


Makan King and Queen


Rebecca Saw said...

Hey, tk me along when u go food hunting nx time ya! ;)

backStreetGluttons said...

petaling street is great for a few hours of eating, drinking and shopping !

we just had a drink there the other day and tai lok meen.The "ambience" is good !

we also dun mind the cold CCf as we love our drinks chilled

Little Inbox said...

Oh, kena tag ar? Thank you!

worldwindows said...

Rainy day and it is still raining! We planned the day before to go and eat in Petaling Street instead we headed for 1 Utama. We will miss the braised beef and dim sim in our favourite shop.

Ciki said...

aiyya... chee cheong fun from canning garden still the best la.. if you ask me.. (ipoh chick)

J2Kfm said...

hmm, guess the CCF not that satisfactory?

Pudu also got popular CCF right?

Steven Goh said...

the chee cheong fun there looks a bit wet compare to our place here. Have you tasted chee cheong fun in Greenlane here where they adding peanut butter? if u come to penang again let me know will bring u to the great chee cheong fun in Penang

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you would ever be interested in becoming a featured publisher with If so please conctact me at

minchow said...

NomadGourmand, yes sure! The more makan buddies, the merrier! :-)

BSG, haha, cold CCF hardly the same thing as an ice cold drink but whatever works!

Little Inbox, yup, happy tag-responding!

Worldwindows, yeah unfortunately the charms of Petaling St are entirely weather-dependent

J2Kfm, plenty of yummies at Pudu, but I haven't worked my way there quite yet :-P

Steven Goh, peanut butter in CCF? How fascinating! I might just take you up on the offer my next trip back!

Liz S, will email you! Thanks for dropping by!

minchow said...

Ciki, eeks missed you! I hear ya but don't know how to get to Canning Garden la!

Penang Tua Pui said...

lot of ppl can't take si ham one...

but i take la.. hee hee.. and enjoy a lot..

but Fei Fei and Tam Ciak definitely won't put those in their mouth.. hee hee

Anonymous said...

the chee cheong fun looks weird to me. i think i have used to the one in pg. haha.

Precious Pea said...

Yumzzz..i must eat curry laksa with you. Pass me all the cockles yah!
I only been to Madras Lane one and the territorial hawkers scare me off leh.

minchow said...

PTP, I don't mind any other form of shellfish... somehow si ham just makes me shudder :-S

Allenooi,I prefer Penang's too!

Precious Pea, what's the deal with territorial hawkers? Isn't variety and communal dining the whole idea of hawkers??

Lingzie said...

i love hats too!! was at forever21 the other day and they had those huge really stylish hats ala Samantha from Sex and the city. It looked absolutely gorgeous and so appropriate for shielding your face from the sun... but.... if i really walk out on the streets with that hat... sure ppl think i siao!
haih...maybe we should form a hat lovers club! :P

Precious Pea said...

No leh...when we ordered from stall A, they told us not to sit at those table in front of stall B. Apparently they not 'ngam' with one another.