Sunday, November 16, 2008

Breakfast noodles in the 'hood

On certain Sundays of the week, I like to throw all the caution to the wind and fill up for breakfast, despite knowing that it'll render me sluggish and spend the remaining hours of my weekend in mental and physical torpor. And during these Sundays, I like to stay in the neighbourhood, which offers more than a few choices that do the trick.

First up is Kopitiam Mr. Pau, which actually has an uncle operating a stall selling pau & dimsum who goes by the moniker Mr. Pau. It's located along Jalan Desa Bakti in the old part of Taman Desa, on the same row as Secret Recipe. The stall on the right offers Nyonya nasi lemak (with wild boar curry!) and Nyonya cakes that draw queues on lazy Sunday mornings. This visit, however, we didn't do nasi lemak.

Super thick kopi O... one sip and it made me thankful to be alive this Sunday morning...

Fat Tulip's Pan Mee - this stall isn't your average neighbourhood Pan Mee stall... each bowl comes with a pile of ingredients - minced pork meat and/or fish balls, crunchy anchovies, greens and wood ear fungus. Sure, it's no Kung Fu but it holds its own, as the queues in the morning firmly attest.

My Hakka mee - somehow my Hakka roots have been nagging my tastebuds of late, demanding for some ancestral attention so when I saw the stall here, I immediately made an effort to set things right. It was OK but it didn't really hit the spot, not even with unrestrained heaping of fried pork lard.

On another such morning, we headed to U Like It, on the corner of the Faber row of shophouse, on Jalan Desa Bakti.

Wantan mee with char siu - broad noodles, nice fat slices of char siu... made me happy enough!

He had the wantan mee with beef brisket - whined that the noodles were a little overdone, but otherwise fine.

The wantans that came in side bowls were a little pitiful though. Each of us got three of these wantans, filled with nothingness.

The well-frequented wantan mee stall at U Like It. Pity about the wantans though. The shop also has other stalls, which I intend to try in good time. Oh, I do like my Sundays!


cariso said...

Once in a while I like to visit the places I used to stay during childhood. For a taste of memory. Btw, your wantan.... *LOL*

J2Kfm said...

it's been aeons since we took our breakfasts to the 'hood.

too lazy on a precious Sunday morning!

Allie said...

Aiyo... the wantan like nothing... hahaha...
But the pan mee looks great!

Ciki said...

looks like we like to eat the same things for breakfast;D

Little Inbox said...

Pan mee looks good, and also the noodle is healthier than wantan noodle.

minchow said...

Cariso, LOL right? Yes, a LOL wantan is a perfect description for it!

J2kfm, I suppose you could sleep in and still do the hood - the kopitiams stay open till lunchtime! :-P

Allie, yeah, thumbs up for the pan mee!

Little Inbox, do you really think so? The pan mee servings are definitely larger so I always end up feeling fuller than when I have the wantan mee.

PureGlutton said...

Oh dear, those wantans were really miserable eh! I wonder, does it really cost so much to put some decent fillings into wantans? I can't stand kiamsiap stuff like tat!

Julian Si said...

Mr Pau and "You Like It" .... great names!!