Thursday, November 20, 2008

Souled Out, Desa Sri Hartamas

It’s not often that we bother with weekday evening traffic after work to catch up with friends but when we do manage, it makes me wonder why we don’t do it more often. One such unusual evening, we ended up at trusty, ever-dependable Souled Out in Desa Sri Hartamas.
Idle chit-chat and beer poured, gulped and set aside, we got down to the serious task of making our individual selections from the extensive yet thoroughly familiar menu.

Beef ribs – one friend ordered this stupendous dish. I don’t eat beef but even so, I couldn’t help desiring some of that smoky bovine goodness.

Mama Mia – another ordered the pizza topped with anchovies, beef bacon, black olives, garlic, tomatoes & cheese.

Roasted chicken fajita – I was trying to eat light, having consumed a massive lunch. Love the combination of jalapeno and guacamole in this, and it’s the best portion for a snack. Leaves plenty of space for merry drinks!

Chilli con carne – Massive serving of fresh corn chips, sour cream, avocado, minced meat and beans. This particular friend tends to stick very close to his tried-and-tested favourites; this never fails to bring on that big toothy grin.

Mango prawn salad – This looked too pretty to not be photographed. There’s just something about succulent pink prawns nestled among fresh greens, don’t you think?

Butter chicken – Souled Out has a more than decent Indian section in its menu and on this occasion, two in the group went for the big, value-for-money portions. One had Butter Chicken, the other Chicken Vindaloo (of which I took a bad photo of). They’re RM22 each but big enough to last you a couple of meals at least!

There were also desserts, including one sexy looking Lava Cake but by then, we were all so caught up with the business of catching up that the cameras were elbowed out. I remember many happy hours spent here years ago but it got too crowded and too much of a hassle. Also, prices have gone up all around but if it’s consistency and hearty fare you’re after, there are not many ways you can go wrong here. Recommend coming here early Sunday evenings and trying the Sake-san pizza!


cariso said...

Do you have any close shot of Chilli con carne to share?

Food Paradise said...

wow... the foods look very nice. Unfortunately, it is in KL. lol

J2Kfm said...

rmbr we were searching fr food in hartamas area.
passing by Souled Out, i was amazed at the sheer crowd.
but my fren who resides in KL say the food not so nice, and expensive also.

hmmm ... but looks OK to me.

Mellie said...

Oh yeah, those were the times when we got very happy indeed with their all nite happy hour!! :-P
Now its pricey, beer diluted, not so happy, no?

Christina Kim said...

Souled Out is pretty pretty popular in KL:) Happening...hehe, but that's lots of food too you guys are having;)

jasmine said...

I think the food standards have dropped a bit... so if I want a dose of their menu, normally head off to WIP in BSC... sister companies afterall. hehe.

Duckie said...

thanks for sharing. another place to check out when i'm in kl

Anonymous said...

Souled Out sure has a good variety of food to offer...thanks for sharing

worldwindows said...

Sold out... big portions and reasonable prices. Good combination.

minchow said...

Cariso, nope unfortunately! My friend ravaged the Chilli con carne before I got a chance! :-)

Food Paradise, KL not too far away at all! Can do one makan trip and hit all the places you read about!

J2kfm, there's definitely better stuff out there. This place just has some nostalgic value!

Mellie, beer is OK actually. But generally, yeah, not so happy anymore :-P

Christy, hey, there were 6 of us! We just have umm... very healthy appetites!

Jasmine, good point! I've been hearing about WIP - same stuff, different name right?

Duckie, yup, next KL trip!

CK Lam, variety's one thing it has going for it. You'd probably need to dine there for months before you run out of different things to order.

Worldwindows, sold out... yeah, exactly what a lot of people are thinking, compared to what it once was! ;-)

Anonymous said...

That's the problem with good-food places - when biz is good, quality will sure drop. Souled Out seems like one of these casualties, sigh.
Their WIP is worse - higher prices for same type of food and sometimes quality is questionable too :(

Anonymous said...

wah beef ribs, i first time see wor... sua par kao la me..... i always see pork ribs nia. hehe.

photos a bit dark. maybe can try use flash next time.

Anonymous said...

I was here once.. but sadly didn't get the chance to try the food as they were having a private function.. sigh. The food looks really good though.. Wanna try those ribs..