Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bubba Gump Shrimp , The Curve

Obama's victory this week made me hanker for something American, even though my narrow and uneducated interpretation of American cuisine isn't always entirely favourable. Still, I wouldn't let the industrious spirit of offshore American commerce dampen my anticipation of Bubba Gump Shrimp, not this significant week anyway!

We arrived early, barely 11.30AM, ravenous from having gone without breakfast.

There's been plenty said about the gimmicky service system - show the "Run Forrest Run" sign if you want to be left alone and the "Stop Forrest Stop" if you want service. I don't know how well this works as we waited a good 5 minutes before anyone noticed our Stop sign, and the place was close to empty.

The condiment bucket was a welcome change though - no need to bug wait staff to dig into their precious rationed reserves as each table is well stocked with a huge bottle of Heinz ketchup, Tabasco sauce, vinegar, paper towels and Lingham's (!) chilli sauce.

Each table is also provided with Jacob's crackers to kill the munchies while waiting for the food. We enjoyed ours with a Mango sparkler - it tasted like watered-down Orangina, but it sure was pretty to look at!

The Disney-fied woody interior of Bubba Gump Shrimp, plastered with all sorts of faux-vintage paraphernalia... cute, if one is into that sort of thing.

Our first order was the Shrimp Po' boy - basically a sandwich with battered 8 (yes I counted!) mid-sized shrimps. It came with a heaping of fries, coleslaw, a slice of pickle and standard garnishing. It wasn't bad, but as always, I struggled with eating messily constructed open-faced sandwiches in a restaurant - they're too big to eat with both your hands, and using cutlery just seems plain moronic. Bubba Gump also serves this on newsprint-type paper on a light steel plate, which doesn't have a grip on the table and squirms and moves when you attempt to slice the hard bread with your knife. So you end up sawing through the bread on the moving surface for about 5 minutes for every mouthful of sandwich. OK if you're into working for your food... like steamboat, and fondue.

Like all good American joints, this one comes with redeeming features. And today, it was the Bourbon Street Barramundi - generous fillets of barramundi lightly pan fried, drowned in a heady, rich, buttery sauce with shrimps on a mash base.

It really was very good - each mouthful of tender flakes of fish, mash and sauce went down easily and quickly. But don't go thinking this is light by any standards just because it's white fish - I could barely heave myself out of the booth at the end of the meal.

Total damage was RM74.40 for two, without alcohol or dessert. Eating out sure is getting more and more painful these days!


J2Kfm said...

geez ... not sure why they charge such exorbitant prices. not like they're using large, or even medium-sized prawns.

those are local shrimps, arent they?

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I agree with you! Eating out is definitely not easy on the pocket these days.

I remember visiting this restaurant in New York and felt that the hype that surrounded it was better than the food. But that was some years ago.

cariso said...

That price...hmm...not worth uh?!

Andrew said...

I must admit the choice of names for the menu is certainly catchy. Wonder if they taste as good.

Duckie said...

this place is a little pricey but i love it .. or rather i love prawns too much to dislike this place!!

Anonymous said...

I have yet to visit this place... looks good.

minchow said...

J2kfm, oh they're definitely local... and yes the prices are not very friendly, considering what they are!

Kaya Meekoo, too much hype really kills anything - you go in with too high expectations and you're invariably let down!

Cariso, just one of those things that you pay once in a blue moon. Won't be doing that again anytime soon!

Andrew, the Bourbon St Barramundi rocks!

Duckie, know what you mean... I was drawn to this place because of my love for those tasty lil' suckers!

CK Lam, it's good for a change but I wouldn't necessarily consider it the best!

worldwindows said...

You beat me to the post by a day. I went Saturday night and it was a 20mins+ long wait. The 3/4 lb garlic sauce shrimps at RM24.90 is worth it.

Little Inbox said...

"Forest run Forest!" I remember the story. Once in a blue moon dine in such an expensive restaurant ok la.

email2me said...

I still haven't pay this restaurant a visit since they open for quite some time already.

Must find one day go try it. I previously had it in Bali which have a better environment.

Ciki said...

nicely written:) I heard about this place being shrimp overkill.. correct or no? lol

Anonymous said...

That's really expensive just for two mains and drinks. But then that's what such joints charge anyway...
those shrimps look...well..small...
Anyway the fish looks great.
Maybe I'll give it a try the next time I go down to KL.

minchow said...

Worldwindows, Saturday night wait would be murder, I reckon! Will try the garlic sauce shrimps, should I ever make my way back there again!

Little Inbox, once in a blue moon... BLUE being the operative word, hehe.

Email2me, I wouldn't term this place as a must-try. Only if you're absolutely out of ideas and want overpriced shrimps!

Ciki, thanks! :-) Yes I think any more than what we had would qualify as overkill. Shrimps only right, only so much you can take!

Foong, yep, if anything, I'd suggest you skip the prawns and head straight for the fish.

New Kid on the Blog said...

eating out is always expensive!!! how come i didn't get to see this when i was in The Curve??

choi yen said...

The food is bit overpriced so I not yet try this~~

ling239 said...

hmm... i have yet to visit this place, must make a trip there d ^_^

backStreetGluttons said...

Suppose if you are happy , then it isn't expensive!

afterall a jug of beer nearby easily costs RM45 , and might even give a ( nice)headache.

minchow said...

NKOTB, I think it's been open just about 6 months? And it's hidden upstairs, on the street, so doesn't jump out at you.

mimid3vils, overpriced.. probably worth a try just once!

ling239, hope to read about it on your blog soon :-)

backstreetgluttons, a jug of beer or fish, jug of beer or fish... hmmm... you know, I might just go for the jug of beer!

Mellie said...

For American dining, my fav Chilli (for their superb beef burger & KIDS EAT FREE), has been slowly replaced by TONY ROMA's!!
It's damn value for money. At 1st glance, the price may look expensive- but the portion is always TOO HUGE for a person, so you need to share, making it damn damn good price for the yummy food! PLUS, service (at the Gardens) is ALWAYS good. It's my fav