Sunday, August 24, 2008

Super Noodle House, Sungei Wang Plaza

On one of those very rare occasions when we found ourselves at Sungei Wang Plaza (and around lunchtime!) we stopped by Super Noodle House on the ground floor, right next to the main entrance.
I remember coming here as a kid resistant to Chinese food while the parents clapped and devoured a few meals' worth of food with glee. It's one of those places that have been around for yonks and it looks set to outlive me.

I went for the spinach noodles with roasted pork. Somehow I remembered the noodles tasting better, and the pai kuat was too cold for my liking.

Fat Tulip's regular noodles with stewed beef brisket. He gave it the thumbs up. Perhaps I should've stuck to the regular noodles.

We went for a plate of greens only to recoil in horror when the bill later showed that the small serving was RM10.

Stir fried duck tongue kung po style. Came with plenty of cashews in a rather sweet sauce. Fat Tulip polished off the tongue, I the cashews. The bill came up to nearly RM50 for two. Pricey for what was essentially an in-and-out noodle stop.


J2Kfm said...

I'm alwiz at lost on where to eat around Sg Wang. except some fast food etc.

but kinda pricey, this Noodle House. but packed during lunch hours, huh?

Little Inbox said...

The vege doesn't look good, haha, and cost RM10 somemore.

I always stick to my favorite thin springy noodle everytime dine in Hong Kong stlye restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I eat here quite frequently. Since I was young.

The food is fantastic ... really like those you eat in Hong Kong noodle shops. My favourite is their roast duck wan tan mee. Yum yum!

Next time you are there, try their fresh prawn dumpling soup. They uses fresh prawn and tastes just like those I eat while in Hong Kong !! :-)

With its strategic location, and its huge crowd ... it really proves that the food served at Super Noodle House is worth the price we paid. If you eat in Chinese restaurant in Pavillion or Lot 10, similar food would cost you more. Check it out. Hahaha .. I know cause I always lepak around in town.