Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Burger et al in the Tanjung Bungah' hood

For some inexplicable reason, Tanjung Bungah has always been my favourite area in Penang. Perhaps it's the proximity to the beach stretch, or the fact that some of my good friends live there, or that it's away from the traffic squeeze on Georgetown's narrow streets. Well, I can now add cheap, yummy burgers to that list.

I'd heard from various trusted sources that this particular burger stall was a solid dining experience but I'd simply not gotten around to trying it until this past weekend. Full-ish from lunch but fully realising I needed to line the stomach for the beery session afterwards, we stopped by the stall located at Hillside, near the food court and about 100 footsteps from Torch where we were due for a chilled out drinking session.

The nonchalant uncle in action, whipping up a healthy queue of orders.

The secret? Simple, sweet ingredients - shredded cabbage and sliced onions on the grill
Our orders, eaten on plastic chairs by the roadside next to the stall, straight off the plastic and wrappers -plain chicken burger and hot dog with the works (cheese & egg).

The chicken patty in the burger, purportedly homemade, hit the spot, flanked by lovely cabbage, onions and other garnishing. I've been put off before by roadside burger stalls before, having found them drowned completely in sauce and moisture, but this particular experience was just right!
The hotdog was a humbler serving but still packed a whole lotta punch! We licked our fingers clean in five minutes flat! The menu's simple - beef or chicken burgers or hot dogs. Prices have gone up from before but they're still a total steal.

After that, we walked over to meet MS at Torch who ordered the surprisingly rather tasty fish and chips (RM15.50). We kept stealing her chips but the entire plate looked like a winner. MS devoured it with great relish. Tanjung Bungah rocks!


J2Kfm said...

you're right. nothing beats plain old, freshly grilled patty, tucked in between 2 buttered (or margarined) buns. yum !!!

Lingzie said...

oh i'm so glad someone posted about this burger stall!! its my favourite burger stall on the island! i usually order and sit in the car while i wait for it... supposed to wait til i get home to eat la..but always kenot tahan..the burger's gone before i even reach home! lol

Mellie said...

Omigosh, I have left Pg for way toooo long. Never even heard of this place. It's a crime!

Wer exactly again? Is it at the Rudy's char koay teow food court?

Ditto to Tanjung Bungah- me fav area in Penang too, just nicely smacked between crazy town, away from Tanjung Tokong, yet still not as far as Batu Feringghi!
Any nice beachfront landed house for sales there in the next 5years? :-)

minchow said...

j2kfm, yes, when it's done right, we can do no wrong with meat and buns!

Lingzie, haha! Cannot wait one lah, must wallop right then and there!

Mellie, it's on the road near food court, diagonally opposite the Esso station. If you find beachfront property in the poor working class bracket, you let me know!

CK Lam said...

This burger does stand out with its own version, especially the vegetable. I usually eat it in the food court together with the hawker food.

Buzzingbee said...

highly recommended by my cousin, I headed to taste this burger after a dinner in Ingolf's Kneipe!!
Didn't know the patty was homemade...their burger is unique and nice!! But the my friend commented that the price is a little high for a roadside stall burger.

Anonymous said...

omg ... the burger looks gorgeous !! >_< i seldom go Penang ... but i am kinda of Burger Fanatic !! I addicted to Burger very much !! WIll try to eat at this stall on my next trip to penang island !!

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minchow said...

buzzingbee, yep, they are not the cheapest roadside burgers but it sure is a different kind of satisfaction when you bite into those juicy concoctions!

Alex, thanks for dropping by and for sharing the link!I'm so excited that there's going to be a decent national community of food lovers! We should start a political party! ;-)

Andrew said...

This burger stall has been around for quite a while and is well known. I like the fact that he is always generous with the onions and as you sit there waiting in your car, the aroma and the sizzling of the patties just tantalise your senses. It makes the waiting worthwhile.