Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gelato Secrets in Ubud, Bali

During our requisite trek down the somewhat stressful terrain of Monkey Forest Road ("up, down, up down") in Bali, we decided to make a random stop at Gelato Secrets.

Pastel-perfect as sweet-sixteen stolen kisses

Drawn to the more unusual specials of the month, we each picked a scoop to make up the triple scoop at Rp45,000.

I picked Avocado & Chocolate, Hui went for Pumpkin Hazelnut and Mei Shean, the Tomato Basil Sorbet.

Crowd favourite was easily the Avocado & Chocolate. 'Twas a beautiful pairing of two contrasting, equally complex flavours, sinfully decadent. Texture was just right too, liquid smooth yet richer than regular ice cream.

The pumpkin went down easily too, being more nutty than fruity but sadly, we couldn't quite get our heads around the novelty star of the day, Tomato & Basil sorbet. Certainly interesting and uplifting enough, just not quite our thing.

They had a gamut of other flavours which we had intended to go back for, but got side-tracked by the pool, Bintang beer and a couple of blond, Dutch boys.

Gelato Secrets
Jalan Monkey Forest
Ubud, Bali


Sean said...

avocado gelato, where have you been all my life (and why are you hiding out in bali?!). tomato & basil sorbet sounds like a riff on the italian caprese salad, which i love, but you're right, it'd be as bizarre as, say, foie gras ice cream. but inquiring minds demand to know: what happened with the dutch dudes?! :P

Kenny Mah said...

Avocado chocolate is a distinctively Indonesian pairing after all - plenty of blended avocado drinks with chocolate swirls. No surprises then that this flavour of gelato works so well. Hooray! :D

minchow said...

Sean, I'm surprised all these gelato kiosks mushrooming across the city haven't yet picked up on avocado. It should be right up there together with chocolate! As for the Dutch boys... aha! What happens in Bali stays in Bali.. :-P

Kenny, you're quite right! I completely missed the connection with all those rich avocado shakes! Those genius Indon buggers!

Kyle Hawaii said...

Avocado and Chocolate is very good choice. It is really nice taste, fresh, smooth and extremely tasty. I love it!