Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Soon Kee Hokkien Fried Prawn Noodle

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Hokkien Mee that I was completely oblivious to until recent months, after spending a bit more time in suburban Singapore. This one comes with a generous mix of thick rice vermicelli with yellow noodles, sweetened with the bouquet of the sea in a deceptively light-coloured gravy. For extra punch, hot, hot chilli sauce (at SGD0.50 for an extra tiny dollop), finish with a squeeze of fresh lime.

Soon Kee Hokkien Fried Prawn Noodle, nothing like the Hokkien mee of my origins, or the darker version one found in KL, but I'm extremely close to claiming it as my favourite among all three variants.

I know there are plenty more versions of this dotted bountifully in coffee shops across the island, and by that I don't even mean the sanitized Food Republic sort. In due time, all in due time.

Soon Kee
Block 155
Bukit Batok St 11


Kenny Mah said...

Eeks. This looks nothing like the Hokkien Mee I know and love... then I realised it's the Singaporean version. Patut lah... :P

Pureglutton said...

That's a LOT of sambal chilli by the side, hehe!

Sean said...

i find the 'hokkien' label for food quite bewildering. am wondering if there's a common denominator for hokkien cooking. some ingredient or style that we can point to and say, aha! that must be hokkien cuisine! :D

MelMel said...
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Ciki said...

Weird. Just Weird!

You know how me and Cumi LOVE our Hokkien mee right.. what in tarnations .. is DIS?!!!

minchow said...

Kenny, I was sceptical at best when I first saw this version but I humbly stand corrected. I enjoyed every last strand of it!

Pureglutton, SGD0.50 well spent then! :-D

Sean, Mom's Hokkien and to this day, she can't pinpoint exactly the style or critical differentiator of Hokkien cooking. If it's good, then can safely stick a Hokkien prefix on!

MelMel, thanks for dropping by. Hope your kitchen's up to whipping this up on your own, if you're not anywhere near Bkt Batok in SG! :-)

Ciki, I'd imagine a fair bit of outrage and possibly another bi-nation debate about who gets to lay claim to Hokkien Mee! FOOD FIGHT! :-D

Stephanie Homes said...

I started cooking lessons and I think this is really funny spending more time in kitchen preparing delicious meals. I suppose this is giong to be my new hobby!

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