Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Seeri Authentic Thai, SS2

This post shall serve to remind me to never repeat this recent string of weekends pretty much wasted in recovery from too much of a good time. Spent most days struggling with motion sickness at the slightest movement and remorse. Too much remorse.

Following this maligned period of time, I wanted to reward Fat Tulip for being so patient in my many hours of need, save for a truncated lecture or two about my excesses, and so we checked out Seeri Thai in SS2.

The Sambai petai prawns bowled us both over. The amount of juicy, putrid beans perspiring in perfumed gravy got us good. We couldn't stop even if we knew that the sensible thing to do was to leave some to take away for dinner.

Equally happy with the Tomyam Seafood, a heady, satisfying concoction. One of the better tomyam I've had of late.

Despite it being barely noon, they had apparently "run out" of chicken so we made do with pork to go with its Green Curry. Not disappointing enough to complain but I think they could've done the dish greater justice with fresh(er?) coconut milk.

Pretty happy with this though and well deserving of a repeat, unlike the feeble weekends prior. There is no good EVER to be had from that additional shot of liquor!

Seeri Authentic Thai
Jalan SS2/10 (Same row as Okay kopitiam and Super Kitchen, Chow Yang, SS2)
Petaling Jaya


Sean said...

what's that saying? one martini is just enough, two is too many, three is never enough =)

Ciki said...

Putrid?! but petai is lovely! Petai is our friend!! LOL. Aiiyoh when we gonna meet up, woman.. u ffk me for the last time.. mwuahahaha:P

Pureglutton said...

This is making me very hungry, dammit. That petai is pretty mesmerising! SS2 is near enough - should i lunch there now?

minchow said...

Sean, haha, good one! Unfortunately my comfort threshold still lies uncomfortably above three, where all the problems begin!

Ciki, Putrid Lovely! That's this season's pink, hehehe! Yes I'm going to rustle something up soon! That FFK was unforgivable! Or at least, unforgivable to my stomach for missing duck cassoulet! :-P

Pureglutton, lucky lucky to be near SS2 for lunch! I'd trade places with you in a heartbeat! :-)

minchow said...

JoinMe, hi this isn't quite Taufulou's blog but thanks anyway!

JoinMe said...

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JoinMe said...

Hi minchow,
Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks.
P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.

green.john44 said...
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Kenny Mah said...

Petai. Petai. Petai. I'm all yours, oh petai!!

(Just don't ever have it in the same meal as my other love durian - too potent a mix, I tell ya! Eeks.)

Apple Foodees said...

The sambal petai prawns looks really tempting. Love to try them now.

Bella said...

Yum! You just made me hungry looking at your pictures!

Julian Si said...

Coconut and tomyum ... gotta be the freshest otherwise :-(

Cumi/Ciki - PETAI!? I don't geddit ... Eeeeeeeew.

Eat Only Lar! said...

Sounds like a very nice place for Thai food. The tom yam looks very delicious. I've never tried petai before though, was intimidated by the smell. But I'll give it a try again some day! =)

By the way, can you please add us to your blogroll? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Everything seems so tasty.I think it is time for lunch.


Asparaguz said...

Full of flavor Thai food is always tempting...yummy