Sunday, July 5, 2009

Alcohol now served at Subang Skypark Terminal!

Just a quick one before I head back to KL - this discovery got me very excited on Friday evening at Subang Skypark Terminal, which I have to say is sprucing up very nicely and making LCCT seem very much like a much poorer cousin.

Drinking & flying are almost synonymous activities, yet because we are the way we are, Malaysian airports very often leave you high and very dry.

Palms Sports Bar & Grill, less than a week old. Now you can fly budget, AND intoxicated!

Your typical airport bar - busy carpet pattern: CHECK!

Food menu are standard grill favourites with Bangers & Mash and Sheperd's Pie thrown in - nothing too impressive but for lack of choice in the area, is comforting.

The drinks menu - to numb the frustrated travellers and temper in-flight rage

I have a cool tall one of the local Tiger before proceeding to the departure lounge. The one-hour flight back to Penang's never been smoother!


J2Kfm said...

hahaha .. how cool. fly budget and intoxicated. ;)

imagine burping and all flushing when greeted by the stewardess, or at the passport check counter.

Nahri said...

Beer on a plane!...purr....

backStreetGluttons said...

A highly invigorating happy re-discovery !Sometimes it is in the simplest things. We remember the story of the estatic old Chinaman from Simpang Dua, Bentong who discovered rice in Dublin.

Rebecca Saw said...

lol! ya cant without ya alcohol horr?

Anonymous said...

The quality of service and food was bad. Burger bread came out cold, burger meat came out lukewarm. We asked for fries without salt and got cold wedges instead. Bangladeshi staff just brushed off saying, "No French Fries"!. Mushroom soup served in bowl came out straight from can and totally not how it was described and pictured. Staff were indifferent and couldn't care less with our complaint. Total disappointment and do not recommend this place to anyone.Mohd