Sunday, June 21, 2009

Meals at Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort

Having been previously less than impressed with dining options around Langkawi, we didn't hesitate to sign up for the Sheraton Beach Resort package with two meals provided daily, even if it meant we'd be eating hotel food for most of our trip.

While the food wasn't exactly mind-blowing, the breakfast & dinner spreads were extremely generous and when paired with copious amount of duty-free alcohol, there was no other way to go but overindulge.

We dined at Spice Traders the first night, perched above the water offering gorgeous views of dusk and an extremely rich, hearty Indian & Middle-Eastern themed buffet.

Our table for the night, where we gorged on foul madamas (bean dip), eridish chermoula prawn in Moroccan pesto, Machili curry fish, subz kalamirchi (vegetable stew), a very excellent tabbouleh, assorted grilled items including very fresh fish, lamb, chicken, felafels and plenty others. I took pics of our individual plates but decided that they simply do not look good enough to do the buffet justice.

I did get a shot of these delightful ice cream flavours - Spice and Rose Petal.

The Spice flavour (top) was light and refreshing, almost a sorbet, with hints of cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. The Rose Petal was a richer and milkier dessert; the rose petal flavour was interesting, but I found the milk a tad overpowering.

Breakfasts at Feast, the coffee house, were equally lavish affairs and we frequently found ourselves unable to stomach lunch.

Eggs any way you want them! Really enjoyed the fluffy, puffy omelettes!

Fresh loaves of bread

Smoked fish - they alternated between mackerel and tuna. Both equally satisfying with fresh bread and Lurpak butter.

Tabbouleh & Hummus also made an appearance. Didn't think they went down well at breakfast but they WERE good!

Pancakes & waffles hot off the griddle...

...and all the condiments you can think of

The token Jap section... we didn't go near this though.

Action Station #2 fired up the grill for breakfast lamb chops, sausages, beef bacon; also dished up an addictive porridge with condiments galore.

Cakes, pastries, muffins... MEH!

The hot items changed daily - on the day I brought my camera, they had these plum grilled tomatoes

a passable roesti and many other favourites like baked beans, meatballs, fried rice. There were also fixed stations for nasi lemak section with curries and DIY noodle soup.

I think we maxed out on our annual buffet quotas in those 4 days alone. The resort is somewhat dated and certain parts could do with a spruce-up (the pool area in particular) but service was for most parts quick and affable and the meal package stuffed us silly! It's a little out of the way so you'll definitely need to hire transport but makes for a nice change in scenery from the drab Cenang strip.


Mellie said...

Definitely a superb holiday for u!! My gosh, the food looks really really good.
Can't wait for my next holiday!

Rebecca Saw said...

hu huh.. all tht and then all tht cheese??
uumm..didja jog on the beach?

Sean said...

soooooo much food! i might have just crawled back to my room and slept after that!
i recall langkawi having some decent italian and japanese restaurants, but i guess that ultimately, the island/beach atmosphere is the reason to go there, not the food.
spice traders looks like a great place to linger all evening. definitely can't get that here in the city!

Yin said...

ice cream looks amazing! i want!! ;)

worldwindows said...

Amazing spiced tea, just like chai latter the very likable spice milk tea!

Sugar Bean said...

Is this the resort which is located next to Tanjung Sanctuary? (Coz if I'm not mistaken, there are 2 Sheratons in Langkawi right?) Been to Tanjung Sanctuary, it was a nice place to stay in. Would love to revisit Langkawi again.

Ciki said...

smoked fish and bread! Now that's what I should be eating more of if I wanna run like the wind!

New Kid on the Blog said...

that reminds me of my langkawi trip in 1999. i was staying in the president suite. :)

gnute said...


I want.

minchow said...

Mellie, where you off to next??

Nomad Gourmand, errr.. jog ahh? We walked a lot... from the room to the restaurant! :-P

Sean, well we didn't consume ALL that in one sitting! There are a coupla joints at Telaga Harbour that look quite decent, we didn't get around to trying those out though!

Yin, mmmm... I could use some right about now too...

Worldwindows, I think it's the same sort of flavouring for the ice cream. Chai Latte! That'll be my city replacement for the ice cream!

Sugar Bean, Tanjung Rhu you mean? This isn't on the same stretch, I don't think. Tanjung Rhu's wayyy more secluded... and yes, has an even better beach!

Ciki, really? Smoked fish & bread does that to you? How come I'm still plodding along like a snail then? :-S

Gnute, go get some!!! :-D

Donna Parsley said...

If the people here would see those scrumptious dishes, they would definitely want to try those soon. Even if some of them look simple, they still look delicious. Well, judging by how you've described each lineup, I bet they're really yummy!