Sunday, August 21, 2011

Roast Pork at Wong Mei Kee's, Pudu

Having finally been indoctrinated into KL's brand of roast pork, the task of savouring each cut of pork, fat and skin has assumed utmost gravity, as we scour our way through the great Klang Valley - the vulgar, the sublime, the nasty.

One such that perhaps succintly captures all three is Wong Mei Kee's, off Jalan Pudu, which needs absolutely no introduction. The queues here come noon are legendary, as are the consistently nasty shock at the cost at end of the meal. Prepare to fork out approximately RM20 and above per person.

Arrive around noon and be prepared for a half hour wait for the ceremonious reveal of the day's roast, when the master himself (Chef, Sir Wong?) slow-marches out of the kitchen, carting the still-smoking slab of meat. Quite the showman, he is.

And the reward? On a good day (and yes, unfortunately there are bad ones), you get slices of tender, almost soft, pork belly meat sandwiching just the right sliver of viscous fat, topped with a crunchy golden crust. Hell yeah. The most vulgar type of beauty to date.

The Showman and his Tool

Wong Mei Kee (within Wong Kee Coffee Shop)
Jalan Nyonya
Off Jalan Pudu


Sean said...

looks like you came here on a good day! i've never been to wong mei kee's, but my recent sojourns elsewhere for siew yoke have left wailing in anguish. i tend to get dry, puny slices (so puny, i suspect they came from emaciated pigs) that have little fat on them but are still somehow served swimming in grease...

Kenny Mah said...

Oh I've heard of this place. Will head there some day soon with a regular but I don't think I'll appreciate the wait... till I taste the rewards for said wait, that is. Hehe.

Ciki said...

the siew yoke literally melts in your mouth! love this place. Wong MeiKee is numbah ONE!! :D

minchow said...

Sean, yes Lady Luck shone on us this particular outing! I've not yet had a bad run but I was assured repeatedly that the quality is inconsistent and it does get pretty vile!

Kenny, you'll just need to be fed a slice or two and I'll bet you'll be rushing over to Pudu in a jiffy!

Ciki, ahhh! You approve! I found myself lusting it immediately the same evening after that lunch. And again the day after, and again and again...

JoinMe said...

Hi minchow,
Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks. ^^
P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.

Anonymous said...

This looks so appetizing , mmm I shall try it asap and I am sure that my all family will love it! Especially my husband - he is a fan of meat!

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minchow said...

Join Me, good to know, thanks very much!

Niki, thanks for dropping by! Fans of meat rejoice in the wake of Wong Mei Kee!