Monday, May 23, 2011

We Butter the Bread with Butter, Antipodean Cafe

Lovely name for a band, We Butter the Bread with Butter. But hard as I tried to get into the music, I could not, I simply could NOT. Why didn't I think of the name first? And what happened to the days when I could hack these angry, growling bands?

Once you embrace the Soy Latte-with-heart-shaped-foam-pattern sipping lifestyle, you don't go back.

But let's get down to the business of my beef with this namesake. So we're enjoying a rare lazy breakfast on a public holiday at Antipodean Cafe, a luxury in this age of metamorphosis into complete homebodies where we are frankly, finding it difficult to see a point in going out when there's so much to DO at home.

His Big Breakfast arrives quickly, like so.

Do you see what I see? The slice of bread comes ready buttered. He picks up his fork and dives right in, to my horror. I don't know about you but the act of buttering one's bread remains strictly the domain of the breakfast owner. The liberty to spread it heart-stoppingly thick, with great gusto or wafer-thin, sparingly with dignified restraint must remain mine and only mine! Pre-buttered bread is big brekkie blasphemy - they may as well serve us margarine!

To be fair, he doesn't take much offence, and the arrival of my Smoked Salmon Omelette silences me. It is sunny and serene, the furthest thing from a gourmet gaffe, no room for any grouses. Creamy enough without being sloppy, fancy enough without the overkill. The absence of bread (and butter) here helps to douse the unexpected outrage.

Late arrival of extra side of Bacon (generous for RM6) melts the last of holiday angst away. But this I remember when I make it back at Antipodean for breakfast - I butter my bread, with butter, not you, nor you, no one else!

Cue the deathcore music! GRRRR-OWWWLLL!!

Antipodean Cafe
20 Jalan Telawi 2


Sean said...

this reminds me of my favorite tongue-twister while i was still a tyke: "betty bought some butter but she said the butter's bitter. so she bought some better butter and put the better butter in the bitter butter and made the bitter butter better." not difficult, admittedly, but i was nevertheless happy with myself for mastering it. *end of 30-second bout of nostalgia*
heh, i've never been served pre-buttered bread before either (except maybe when i was a tyke ... nostalgia again!). yeah, it would give me a sinking feeling that the bread was actually meant for someone else and mistakenly ended up on my plate instead :D

Kongnichiiwa said...

They definitely know which side of the bread is buttered on with all the pork bacons served. HOORAY!!!!

Kenny Mah said...

Me likee-ed our brekkie (during lunch) at Antipodean too. Lotsa bacon will make us happy rather easily.

And that's a buttery good name! (Wish I had thought of it first too. Cis.)

boo_licious said...

Off with their heads if they dare touch your bread! Bacon does look good though...but sinful.

Ciki said...

hahaha! funny.. and it's better to say butter! LOL (UK TV ad)

Happy Tuesday. I could do with some big, fat greasy bacon and buttered toast right about NOW! xoxo

minchow said...

Sean, impressive, hehe! I always tried "She sells sea shells on the sea shore..." but would inevitably trip somewhere around the second "sh-" Tykes of the world must learn early - just say Tak Nak to pre-buttered bread!

Brother B, yes the pork bacon portions must be commended. That helps to take the heat off the butter-eager kitchen a little!

LFB, ooh it would've made a mighty good name for a blog too, don't you think? There must be something kosher we can still use it for. A deathcore band just don't cut it!

Boo_licious, I'll be nice and let them know well in advance the next time I place an order! Hmm anyone tried the soup before? Does it come with pre-buttered bread too, I wonder?

Ciki, Happy Tue sunshine! Better to butter by a bitter nutter! Go get your bacon fill now!

worldwindows said...

Buttered toast?! is like serving peeled bananas to the guest:-) or following the guest into the lavatory! Don't touch my toast period.

minchow said...

Worldwindows, peeled bananas to guest... that's the perfect analogy! AMEN!

Anonymous said...

Looking nice.. wish to try it whn nex trip...
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Anonymous said...

Had my brekkie here on a lazy Public Holiday morning too... the smoked salmon with baked chickpeas and banana pancake were pretty awesome :D :D :D