Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Journey to Being Better, Country Farm Organics, Bangsar Village I

The year-end season is surely one of contradiction. On one hand, we have the assault of parties and gatherings all imploring indulgent and gregarious misbehaviour. On the other hand, it's also time to ponder the past twelve months, probe the failings of the year and warily resolve that, next year "I'll simply have to be better!"

Having recently recovered from a bout of poor health, I was forced to examine how I've chosen to take care of (or rather, heedlessly abuse) my body. Thankfully, I have Hui, who had successfully embarked on a journey to revamp the tired lifestyle that I still live today, offering me inspiration and purpose beyond the party season.

So one evening, with Mei Shean in town, we decided to try something radical - instead of the usual protocol of hitting up a bar for one too many drinks we'd most certainly regret the morning after, we went organic. In alcohol-ridden Bangsar, no less!

Hui ordered the Country Farm Organics' Volcanic Fried Rice. It had promised spice in the menu and it delivered, in the form of tiny, deceiving chopped up chilli padi and pepper mixed into brown rice and plenty of vegetables. One spoonful sent me screaming for my carrot juice!

Mei Shean went for the Guang Dong Noodles, which arrived a healthy incarnation of Wat Tan Hor - brown vermicelli doused in eggy sauce filled with fresh vegetables. She was pleased with the thick golden eggy sauce and the generous portion.

I went with the Dory Fish noodles, which arrived a huge bowl of brown rice vermicelli soaked in soup flavoured with sour preserved vegetables, neutralised with soy milk. So non-organic versions would blow this out of the water but for all its intent, this was flavourful enough and proved that not healthy eating does not equal bland eating!

They also proudly feature a bevvy of soy shakes, two of which featuring berries as key ingredients.

Country Farm Organics sits bright and proud right across from the hazardous call of the Daily Grind at Bangsar Village I. Meal for the three of us came up to about RM70, a steal in this neighbourhood. They also have a well-stocked organic food store adjoining the dining area.

I wouldn't mind revisiting again, and look forward to eating and living better. Let's hope that I find the moxie to strike moderation for the rest of this month!


Rebecca Saw said...

Good for you!
Nx is the few escalators up to Celebrity Fitness or that yogo plc in the Gardens ok!
(I liked their RM2.50 soy yogurt?/ice cream? here too!)

Paranoid Android said...

Ah! Usually tasty yet healthy food is such an oxymoron and am glad you have enlightened us on an exception. But being opposite Daily Grind does not augur well with me. Better put me on a pair of horse blinkers if I really want to end up at the organics restaurant.

Sean said...

it's a vicious circle for most of us. hand-wringing and contemplation followed by pig-outs and intoxication. this can only end in tragedy (says the guy who just had a dinner of pork knuckle, roast pork spaghetti and pork sausages)...

qwazymonkey said...

I'd say pig out til CNY and then start shedding it off. And then start pigging out again come Raya. Such is life.

Anyway, hope you're feeling better these days.

ck lam said...

It is nice to see more such outlets...the food looks just as good.
Take care and have a wonderful year end holiday :)

backStreetGluttons said...

This type of eating is akin to a healthy cold bath at 6am before daybreak , excellent n healthy
( just make sure 2moro also must do one ok ! )

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

too healthy..shivers..

Li Ann said...

Mei Shean was in town n i wasn't invited??!! *pout*

Ciki said...

soy shakes?! yarks!

serious ar.. the Volcanic Fried Rice was that good.. oh, i really hope it makes me cry!

GlassCube said...

i went there last night and they were out of quinoa :(

Bangsar-bAbE said...

My mum loves this place. She gets half her organic food supply there too! I like their fried rice and Guang Dong Noodles. ;)

J said...

Well, good move to eat healthier while you can! - gluttonous season (Xmas, New Year, CNY) season coming up soon.... :)

Unknown said...

Time is nigh. Probably should consider living the healthy life before CNY beckons. Or wait, before Xmas beckons 1st.

minchow said...

TNG, unfortunately I draw the line at gym membership! Wasted one year of fees without moving my butt at all! Yogo sounds good though!

Paranoid Android, next time I'm in the area, Daily Grind it is! I think a 1:1 visit ratio is fair enough, don't you? ;-)

Sean, I'm not even attempting an overhaul - just to strike a better balance days like this vis-a-vis days of debauchery!

Qwazymonkey, yes definitely feeling more robust than the past month, thank goodness! Hope you're well past your sick food period too!

Thanks, CK Lam and may you and your family have a wonderful end of 2009 too!

BSG, yes recently started pool first thing in the morning routine again.. BRRRR!! I am having trouble keeping it up on Day #3 though! Any advice?

Joe, but your body would love you for it!

minchow said...

Li Ann, a real last minute thing babe! Her schedule these days is such a bitch!

Ciki, soy is great for me coz I can't stand milk proper!

Glass Cube, the black ones or the red ones? :-P

Bangsar Babe, yeah just wandering around the store makes me want to clear my pantry of bad, unhealthy stuff and restock from scratch!

J, it's a mammoth task... starting a health spree during this season is akin to masochism!

J2Kfm, that leaves me this week and next of moderation before I dive into hedonistic bingeing... I think I can manage that! :-P

Hao Zhi (don't have Chinese typography here sorry!), thanks for dropping by!

HairyBerry said...

i'm not really an organic fan but do check out their organic loafs. there's red bean, pumpkin, charcoal etc etc. cheap, soft and tasty. i like!

Lingzie said...

that volcanic fried rice sounds like a silent killer! :P
i do like these organic healthy eating places. currently loving that meatless cafe in penang (which reminds me i havent blogged abt them yet!)

worldwindows said...

Journey of a thousand li begins with the first step!? Your photos looks good and sharp, must be a new camera?

minchow said...

Nic, am a huge fan of organic bread myself, but find that I have to get through them a lot faster than regular ones!

Lingzie, which meatless cafe in Penang? Hurry hurry, blogit!

Worldwindows, ooh thank you thank you! Not quite a new camera, must be the fluro lighting in the cafe. But I am zooming in on a new purchase this weekend!

Kenny Mah said...

Hmm. You certainly got me thinking if I really REALLY wanna start my healthy new eating habits in '10 or if should just continue munching on a good fry-up of dead animal flesh instead... :P

fatboybakes said...

i love eating here, but the price of drinks and those health smoothies is RIDICULOUS!