Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fit noodle & fat relief, Canton-I, Gardens Mid Valley

Mid-working week brings the blues, particularly when dealing with the aftermath of a season of languor. Comfort food, at whatever price, brings relief.

Given the timing, conversation with ex-colleague invariably steers towards the ill-health of the economic environment and lacklustre life prospects in general. Only the camaraderie and comfort food can uplift.

Canton-I's Japanese fatty braised pork with its signature skinny wantan noodles saves the day. Check out that cut of meat, flavour-packed and laced with tender slivers of diet-defying fat and soft bone.

Shanice's soupy craving was answered by noodles in steaming, clear soup, with fat juicy wantans to refuel her tiny frame.

Over-priced drinks - lemony tea concoction dribbled over crushed ice at RM8 and soy bean milk at a little less.

Sure a meal that simple could've cost us less, and we could've done away with the annoying presence of flies that demanded our attention, but for this particular mid-week, Canton-I delivered safely.


Duckie said...

a little treat in mid week is always a good thing!!!

J2Kfm said...

yet to try the food there.
but the extensive coverage in the blogosphere and the papers got me craving for a taste of their egg tarts, wantons and roasted meat.

though a tad over-priced

Selba said...

The wantan noodles look yummy... but you are right, RM 8 for lemon tea.. that's quite a pricey.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yes so long as throngs of ppl flows in, the price wont b dropping like the economy is..

Anonymous said...

Just like J2Kfm, I am craving for the food in this restaurant too but have yet to drop in the place.

Now I will be adding in the braised pork noodle in my list.

cariso said...

Canton-I has just opened at Queensbay lately but I've yet to visit there. I've heard
lots of ppl complaining that it's expensive & the drinks are over-charged.

Food Paradise said...

I have not tried their foods yet. But it's in my makan list. Thanks for sharing!

backStreetGluttons said...

In times like this when nothing much productive is happening outside the mid-Gardens except daily doses of toxic junks forced-fed from those clowns staring down at us who we pay a lot to make us cry ( aka the Giant poster boy called AAB ,future 1 more month ex PM of Malaysia just outside the Federal some more scums from Perak & a few sexual deviants of the highest order in Selangor ), these little small warm treats of comfort with friends are Godsend and need to be wholeheartedly appreciated and so you are blessed

minchow said...

Duckie, yes, anything to get us through the rest of the week!

J2Kfm, agree that it's over-priced. I hope this won't be the $$ standard that we have to start getting used to, in order to get quality.

Selba, ordering the drink was totally out of character for me. It was basically iced lemon tea with a red tinge!

Joe, yep, I really don't see people eating out less or pricey restaurants suffering too much from the times. Are we deluding ourselves?

CK Lam, if you're heading there and in the mood for a real cut of meat, definitely have the braised pork on top of your list! I wonder if you can order it ala carte, minus the noodles?

Cariso, maybe just order the food and sneak in our own drinks?

Food Paradise, I'd say it warrants one visit at least. But wouldn't be that much in a hurry to return myself.

BSG, how long do we stay comforted by food & company before some other ridiculous circumstance leave us gaping in disbelief at the state of the nation? I say we eat up today, for tomorrow food may taste staler than the parade of dirty tactics