Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tea for Two, Bangsar

There are so many places serving bad, overpriced food that I'm surprised our powers-that-be have not concocted an Ops something or rather to make sure us honest citizens are not subjected to any more of that kind of nonsense.

I really wanted this to be good. Really really. But it wasn't. I've always had a soft spot for the Bangkung area of Bangsar - the limited crop of outlets here has never failed before. And we were looking for someplace quiet and non-threatening for a good catch-up so we arrived at Tea for Two and thought, why not.

The place was extremely quiet for a Saturday night - no more than three tables occupied - alarm bell really, seeing that neighbouring Cava and Opus were packed to the brim. The waiter who served us was courteous and helpful, and indulged in our indecision over whether or not to drink.

To drink it was, and we ordered a jug of Sangria on the promise that it was one of the house specials. It arrived in a BEER jug, an ominous sign of things to come.

It had wine, it had the customary fruit slices, and by god, it even had a faint whiff of alcohol but it was too little of everything to pass off as anything more than fruit punch.

Mellie establishing a relationship with the Sangria - pained but perservering...

We sent it back and to be fair, they were easily obliging with topping up on the lethal stuff. So the Sangria ended up faring better than everything else that awaited us.

Garlic bread started us off. This was fine, but not the sort of orgasmic garlic bread that could've saved this meal.

Mellie went for the red golden fish dish (not sure what the actual "Modern Continental" name was). The sea bass was fresh but the freshness was completely drowned out by the salt-laden tomato-based sauce that came with it. The pretty big white plate didn't help a notch.

My pepper mango chicken - sounds pretty special right? Super fusion right? Well it's nothing the uncle at the neighbourhood Western food hawker stall can't accomplish blindfolded - fatty chicken thigh meat grilled (and dare I venture, a tad undercooked?), black pepper overkill, drizzled with a mango sauce that tasted bottled at best.

We're not against simple hawker-standard food, just paying restaurant prices for essentially prettied up hawker food. The Sangria (our enhanced version) kept it on the brink of disaster, as did the good company and the promise of "chow meen seen" at Tengkat Tong Shin next.

Too bad, really, given the ace location and the very illustrious neighbours.


Christina Kim said... sorry to hear about that bad dining experience...and I agree with paying restaurant prices for food that can be found at any hawker food stall!:p

Ciki said...

too bad it was not up to par! and you are right, we are fans of cava and opus.. even U at one time.. better bets:D

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, it happens...but hope they will improve on it.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i love the bangkung area for the quietness..brilliant for a glass of wine..

Steven Goh said...

This Sangria really looks like the enzyme water that my mum made LOL. Btw, the place and food looks nice, really hope you can bring me there when I am in KL.

Mellie said...

Yes, us two victims of Uncle Ben's western food. How much did we spent? Over RM60 per pax for crap food.
Chow mein seen definitely on the agenda next- this weekend maybe?

Big Boys Oven said...

I had read a good review of this place in one of the major newspaper this year cant remember which one, it seems like a family own run business and with specially tasted menu, anyway hope there will be more improvement soon!

New Kid on the Blog said...

O dear... really that bad??? Just like CK Lam said, sometimes it happens....

minchow said...

Christy, I think I just need to put more effort into finding good food, hawker or not :-P

Ciki, sometimes just plain safer to stick to the tried and tested

CK Lam, yes, from the looks of the patronage that Sat evening, it looks like we're not the only ones who think they need a major overhaul...

Joe, yes, perfect area to kick back with a glass (or six) of good wine... just not at Tea for Two!

Steven, enzyme water, haha! I'm not sure I'd feel right bringing you there after such a bad encounter! Plenty of other places we can check out!

Mellie, can't wait for it!

BBO, I'm sure at some point, they did offer a decent dining experience. Maybe I stumbled upon a bad night! :-S

NKOTB, well bad enough for me to not venture back for a while! I guess nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Anonymous said...

It's the kind of place maybe our parents would enjoy as it would bring back memories of yesteryears, but like everything else, food has to evolve too, and this restaurant is no exception. What a pity. The location's great, though.

minchow said...

OMG! Is that the real Lyrical Lemongrass? Commenting on my blog?! I am speechless!