Sunday, September 21, 2008

Eating at IKEA

While I remain neutral about furnishing and fittings found at IKEA, I've more good things than bad to say about the food there. It's cheap, it's often tasty and I especially like how its layout gently enforces basic civil behaviour amongst the notoriously impatient and boorish hungry Malaysian. During this particular visit, despite the crowd, we didn't see a single queue jumper. Everyone waited their turn obediently, even at the drinks counter which didn't have queue ropes to hold in line any deviants to the order of the day. Maybe there's hope for the country after all!

I had the Manager's Special of the day - Chicken bangers served with mash, coleslaw and doused with plenty of gravy. I enjoyed it in the beginning but the processed meat got a bit much one-third into my second.

We shared a garden salad. I have to say for RM4.90 it's a steal in these quarters, where we are expected to fork out the price of a main course for some fresh salad in other dining establishments. I am not a huge fan of thousand island dressing but I was just too happy to be consuming moderately-priced greens!

Fat Tulip had the chicken leg with lemon and chives sauce, served with sides of carrots and potatoes. He loved it and it was fine for what it was, but I'm not sure I'd necessarily order it again. It was with this dish that I started to see a semblance to canteen food, which was essentially what IKEA's cafe's all about, I suppose.

And finally, the toast of the town, IKEA's curry puff from the kiosk after the checkouts. This is dead gorgeous - small enough to finish in three quick bites but still packing a whole lotta flavour, plus a quarter of a hard boiled egg! A true sight for sore eyes, egg nestled in between the curry potato filling, don't you agree? At RM1 a pop, it's the perfect snack to reward yourself for having made out of IKEA without overspending, or otherwise!


Christina Kim said...

A currypuff at Rm1 is indeed a value buy in Ikea...ehehehe:D

Mellie said...

What about the ultra delish meatballs??
No one makes it like them, with the unidentified gravy, yums!

YewSuan said...

If I am there I will definately go for the beefballs.. Yummy ....


CK Lam said...

I usually settle for the meatball and sausages...and not leaving until I have some packets of biscuits too.

J2Kfm said...

oh me a fan as well.
the meatballs, the fish n chips, the curry puffs, and the daim cake.
cheap, and unlimited refill of aromatic coffee.


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minchow said...

Christy, yup, excellent value, those tasty lil suckers!

Mellie, I don't eat beef so I had to sit out. I hear the sauce is legendary!

Carole, I wish I could sneak a taste of the meatballs as well, but beef's a no-no for me!

CKLam, ooh yes, the little store carrying Swedish products is a real treasure trove! And surprisingly not that expensive either.

J2kfm, yes! Forgot to mention the coffee.. excellent and endless. How awesome is that!?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

definintely reminds me of canteen food..brrrr...its been years..!

Dragon said...

I also like the curry puff from IKEA. The meatballs also nice! You remind me of those delicious food. Too bad Penang doesn't have IKEA. If not, I will go and have it!

Anonymous said...

I missed Ikea food. So hope that they open in Penang. Ikea Meatball is the best!